Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who needs Michael Symon or Jonathon Sawyer when you have me?!

So what does an impatient Dad do while he waits for his wife go into labor?


Who needs Michael Symon or Jonathon Sawyer when you have me? I take that back. We all need them, but when you aren't going to venture to their fine restaurants, what do you do?


Last night I decided to cook a summer staple in my house. Burgers! The variation we had was a play on the Royal Red Robin Burger, the Bar Symon Burger, and Napoleon Dynamite's osbession with tater tots.

The burger was stuffed with cheddar cheese, and bacon. Topped off with an egg, sunny side up, and served on an English Muffin. It was amazing. It was also breakfast for dinner.

Wifey wanted a vegetable, and I wanted more cheese. That's how we came up with the broccoli and cheese. I have a Napoleon Dynamite fascination with tater tots, so that topped the whole dish off.

I apologize for not having something more interesting to talk about, but once this child is born, there will be endless streams of stories. Right now. I am having hard time concentrating.


Vodka Logic said...

I read that last line as a hard time contracting. You really do need to get this baby born.

Might stop following if all I hear are poop stories though, been there done that. Although it could be fun to watch someone else "suffer".

Jinxxy said...

yummy! sounds awsome!

any chance of baby in the next hour????

Caley Brown said...

stop it, i am so hungry

Shawnee's Girl said...

Sounds good! Does this mean you will get to cook for us when we go home? :)