Sunday, September 13, 2009

It felt like something was missing

During my childhood, my Grandpa was the father figure of my life. He was there when I wan learning how to do yard work. He was there when Audrey's Mom and I split, and was supportive of me the entire way. He made sure me and my brothers never went without because Mom was working hard and trying to make very little go a long way. Grandpa was there when I started to fall in love with my wife now. He helped clear the road to my divorce, to this day I am grateful for his love and support. . He knew that Jenn was the perfect person for me. He always liked to see her.

It wasn't long after Jenn and I were dating when we decided to go to Chicago with another friend of ours to see the musical Wicked.

The play was awesome. After the play, I checked my phone. A ton of missed calls, no messages.

I was scared and I walked back to the hotel to call my Mom back. I knew the news I was about to get was bad, but I had no clue on how bad it was.

That evening, Grandma was starting to have a heart attack. The concerned husband my Grandpa was called an ambulance. Grandma was unconscious by the time the medics arrived. My Mom's dog, who has been a dear companion of my Grandpa [he lived right next door to me my whole life] was scared, and was trying to protect my Grandma. Grandpa, bless is soul, got down on the floor with the dog and held her down as the medics shocked my Grandma back to life.

No one knew that my Grandpa was having a heart attack himself. My mom was away so once the medics loaded up Grandma, the neighbor too the dog and my Uncle was on his way.

Like my Grandpa has done so many times, he closed the front door to get into the coat closet. He placed his hat, and coat on his chair and closed the closet, and he was gone.

No one knows how long he was there before my Uncle got there. It wasn't long. He called another ambulance, and he got the neighbor who valiantly performed CPR on him until medics arrived.

I was 6 hours away in Chicago. I broke down on the phone with my Mom. It was the first time Jenn had seen me cry. I felt her hand on my back. Without thinking, she was packing up the room, and was getting ready to drive back to Cleveland.

By the time we got on the road, I learned Grandpa was shocked back to life, and was on life support. It was something he was dead set against, but the only medical power of attorney was laying in an ER bed next to him, fighting for her own life.

They were gonna keep him alive until I got back.

Jenn and our friend Char drove all night to get me back. I said good bye, and then he was gone. Just in time.

Last night little Addison visited Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma was sitting in her chair, excited to see her new Great-Grandbaby, and Grandpa watched from the urn on the shelf.

This is the first Great-Grandchild born since we lost Grandpa. I miss Grandpa holding his Great Grandchild on his knees as his bright blue eyes looked on.

I could feel him with us last night, but it still felt like something was missing.

My wife took my hand and squeezed it as we drove away.

"He's always with us"


Vodka Logic said...

Very touching Adam. Must say I teared a bit myself. My oldest was lucky enough to meet her great grandmother briefly at a month old. She of course doesn't remember but I do and that is special to me...and my grandmother.

You have a lucky daughters to have a sensitive dad, even though he compared Addison's birth to the Stupor Bowl. (typo intentional)

rxBambi said...

what a beautiful post. it made me cry though. I like to believe my grandparents are there also, watching over my children.

~K said...

he is still there with you and his grandchildren. I never had great grandfathers, but I had wonderful grandmothers.

Kyle said...

Wow! As I wipe away the tears, I must say that that was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing that with us.

By the way, Addison is a great name. My fiancee and I plan on naming my daughter that one day. :-)

Kelly Muys Wood said...

What a touching story.


Shannan said...

Beautiful touching story. Love reading your blog - Congratulations to you, your wife and big sister!