Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to work

Well it's time to put it on.

I haven't had to wear a tie for over 10 days. I have not had a care in the world for 10 days. I haven't turned on my work BlackBerry for 10 days. I haven't talked to anyone at work for 10 days. I haven't been a productive member of society for 10 days.

That all changes today. I head back to work. I need to make money for my family. I have one more week off coming here in October and then I don't get time off again until after January 1st. The holiday season is coming very very fast.

So when I head back into work again, I will be blasting psyche up music. I need to re-focus and hit the sales floor hard. I have a monster quota to make up. Today I am going back to the sales rep I was before September 9th. I am no longer handing off sales. I am going to push them down your throat. I am going to find them in places you won't expect to find them.

I am back. I don't want to go back, but if I have to, I will out sell your ass!


Vodka Logic said...

Yikes glad I don't live in CLE or need a new BB.. lol

word verification is dasole lol

~K said...

That's the problem with sales...big rewards..but it is ALWAYS what have you done for me lately. You cannever rest on your accolades

Kelly Muys Wood said...

Bring it! You have tiny mouths to feed!



Anonymous said...

Best of Luck!