Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The baby is coming

I am not going to lie. This post was not written this morning. I wrote it when I had time to write it.

Today is the day. It's 9-9-09. I am 29 years old this morning. 1 year shy of base camp. Today my wife is embarking on a journey that will forever change her. Physically, mentally, and although we are not huge church goers, spiritually. She is giving life to a child today, something I know nothing about and can never do. I am in awe of mothers everywhere.

I would be telling you a lie if I wasn't a fit nervous, excited, and petrified. My wife is about to go through THE most painful experience of her life, and I am going to be a glorified cheerleader. My wife is doing all the work. I'm just the spectator. I can sit and be comfortable. I can get up and pee when I feel like it. She is giving life. Everything in my life now seems to have the volume turned down.

With new life comes new concerns with my ability to parent. My biggest fear is for Audrey to feel forgotten. That is the last thing I want to have happen. I am sure it will not, but nonetheless the concern is in my brain. Many say that it would be nerve wracking if I didn't have that in my head. I would tend to agree.

My mission in life is to be the Dad to my children, that my dad never was to me. I saw him every other weekend for most of my life. Part of that was his choice of career, part of that was apathy. Did he care? Maybe? Did he make it known? Nope.

Many might say this is a cynical view to take, as I bitch and moan about not seeing my daughter because of work. Maybe it was the same with my dad? Maybe, but maybe not. The summer before last I saw my dad for the first time in close to 4 years. He made a surprise visit to Cleveland. He stopped at my brother's house. I saw him. I cried. After he left, I e-mailed him a few times. Still to this day I have not gotten a response back. He has seen his grand-daughter once in the last 5 years. He might not even see the new one we are about to welcome. He sends Christmas presents every year, but there is only so far that goes.

I try very hard to be there for my daughter. Be there on days I am not required to. Be there because I want to be there, not because social responsibility requires me to be there. I don't want to be a dad who just writes a child support check and thinks that that is enough. It's not.

With a new life comes new love. A part of me is scared of this love. How could I love another child as much as I love the one I already have? I haven't known unconditional love until Audrey was here. I haven't known what true love was until Audrey was here. How could I take all of this emotion and split it between two very very equal wholes? The anxiety of waiting is killing me. I don't know what to do with myself.

My wife is probably just getting into her room at this point. Wish us luck as we embark on a journey of discovery today.

You have your boarding pass.
Audrey has her backstage pass.


Just Jules said...

oh you sweet sweet man - your heart grows. Don't you know that? It grows to give and receive all the love there is.

tangobaby said...

You are a wonderful dad. This is a beautiful post and I'm so happy for all of you. I will be thinking of you and your family today.

Sending lots of love from San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

I wish you both all the very best with your new arrival when he/she comes x

Vodka Logic said...

As Jules says it grows, never splits...never

Kelly Muys Wood said...

Beautifully written, Adam. Wishing you luck and happiness!


Mayberry said...


I give you a hand clap and some $$$ if I had it. No seriously, Kudos on trying to be the best dad someone could have. I had a GREAT day growing up and it seems as if my daughter to be(only 19weeks) may not be as lucky as I was. Keep up the good work and take your wife out on special dates from time to time and she will not feel left out.

Danica Dragonfly said...

You are a beautiful human being. The simple desire to make it so will make it so. Your girls are blessed to come into such a loving family.

As to the "splitting" ... do you remember how an entirely new chamber of your heart sprang forth when Audrey was born?? Same thing happens with each subsequent addition to your family. Love is boundless and if you are willing (which we all know you are) you will never EVER run out of it.

Most sincere congratulations!

Kudos to you.