Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back into the flow.

Life is getting back to normal, for the most part. I guess it's a new normal. I have one more person to give a kiss to as I go back to the soul sucking place that has become my career.

Going back to work has been met with a mixed blessing. Getting to see my colleagues after a 10 day hiatus was awesome. I love seeing the people I work with. What I didn't like to come back to was a monster quota and an empty lobby where the customers were supposed to be and a voicemail box that was lacking new customer's return phonecalls. There are many more things to be said about quotas, but I need to curb my enthusiasm for right now on that subject.

Audrey is back into her routine of floating between my house and her mom's house. I am forever grateful for the custody arrangement I have with her. Although I can't see her everyday, I do get plenty of time with her every week.

The only thing in the house that has been getting neglected is the dog. He is getting fed, watered, hugged, kissed, but not walked. I hope to take care of that today and take him for a long long walk, maybe with the baby so mom can take a good nap.

The baby has had a stuffy nose for a few days, but no fever which is fab. I have become quite proficient at using the little blue sucker thing to get all the snot out of her airway. I should produce an instructional video.

Anyway, I am working on a new podcast, it's been a while since I got a new one out, but I think you understand my break.

Now, in other news, I am setting aside a good chunk of my day to write more of my book. Just getting a little closer to my dream.


Vodka Logic said...

Sounds good, a new normal is nice.

All jobs are soul sucking at sometime, worse after a break.

When the book is published I can I knew you when. I want a signed copy.

Jinxxy said...

glad things are smoothing out-

i always hated the 'nose suckers' myself- like you the job was handed to my husband. something about that thing made me cringe and squeemish!