Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All Access

Since this morning, I have been working on a ton of stuff. Getting the carpet vacuumed, cleaning the kitchen, and over all burning off of nervous energy. One thing has been on my mind all day. Well actually from quite sometime. What can I do to make sure Audrey isn't left out?

I have a really great thing planned for Audrey and her new sister that is coming soon. My friend Kasey calls me a rockstar all the time, so I decided to take the theme and run with it.

I want Audrey to feel important. Although I will have to divide my attention around more now, I don't want her to feel less important. So I am making it a point for her to be at the hospital when Addison is born. So to make it even more special, the graphic design artist that my wife is, went to work.

Everyone has a t-shirt that say they are a big sister.
Everyone has stickers.
Everyone has signs.
Everyone has something.

Audrey has a backstage pass, entourage, and driver.

I have bestowed upon Audrey the power of being a big sister. When the baby is born, the first visitor will be Audrey. No one will be allowed in the room until Audrey has her 5 minutes with her new sister. No friends. No grandparents. No other family. No pictures on Twitter or Facebook. Audrey is first. Then everyone else.

I want her to feel the pride when I walk out to the waiting room when the baby is born when she is the only one who can walk down the hall to visit the new baby and everyone else has to wait. I want everyone to notice the VIP pass she has around her neck and comment and give her a hug. I want everyone to understand that Audrey is a rockstar. I want everyone to notice how important she is.

With that being said, everyone knows how special their mother is. My mother is no exception. I never realized how special she was until she e-mailed me this afternoon.

Here is the contents of the e-mail with ZERO editing:

Ok…..so as you know….. the last time I got a Happy Meal at McD’s I got a teeny beeny baby Frog! Well….Saturday I got another Happy Meal and this time I got a little American Girl book for a doll named ………are you ready for this???

ADDY!!! How funny is that? So there’s this whole McDonald’s thing going on…..Gee, could it be that Daddy used to work for McD’s ……. OR does Dr. McDreamy have something to do with it….since the McAdams girls named their daughters Grey’s Anatomy names…… Izzy and Addison! Oh…..my mind is working overtime!

Like I said, she's special. Just a little backstory, frogs were the theme for the baby's room and Isabel is the name of my niece, which is Wifey's sister's baby. My wife's maiden name is McAdams, thus putting the "Mc" theme in everything.

I will keep you all posted on Twitter which then feeds into Facebook tomorrow.


Shawnee's Girl said...

That is a great idea. I am sure that Audrey will feel very special and what a great family moment! I can't wait to hear the announcement. (and of course meet her!) Give the family a hug from us.

Amanda West said...

Aw. That's awesome what your doing for Audrey. Hope everything goes well with the arrival of your new one!

Vodka Logic said...

The pass looks great, Audrey will wear with pride. I think it is so cool she is the first to see the new baby. The best way to make her feel special.

Take a lot of pics of Audrey with her badge and her sister.

Good luck and happy Birthday to both of you.... at 9pm :)

Kasey said...

WOW- I got mentioned in your blog. I feel like a ROCK STAR now! Personally, my favorite necklace in the whole world is a laminate. And if it's got your picture on it, then you know "you are with the band".

Best of luck, and Addison will share her birthday not only with famous blogger (and daddy) Thowing Quarters, but with rock guitarist Chris Caffery.

And I still hope to win the tshirt!!!

Will Burke said...

Dude, that is so cool! That should totally go into the text book of 'How To Keep Siblings Involved.'

Danica Dragonfly said...

You are a GOD!!!
That is completely awesome! When my first born first met her baby sissy, she ran away screeching. The hospital scared the crap out of her and me in that bed freaked her out even more.
I wish we had been forward thinking enough to come up with something so cool.
Completely awesome! Very best of luck with your new addition.

Just Jules said...

ohhhhh seriously - pitter patter goes my heart