Wednesday, April 1, 2009

End of March!

I looked down at the time. 7:45pm. The night was quickly running away from me. I had only 15 more minutes left in this sales month, and I need to find 9 more activations, and fast. In my business pipeline I have close to 20 lines, ready to activate, but they are all waiting for various things to happen before they do. I have 3 lines waiting to hear back from their corporate office to see if they need to mobile broadband cards. I have another 5 waiting for their contract to be up so they can leave their iPhones behind.

There I was, 7:45pm on March 31, looking at them as I finished with a last minute sale. They were all mocking me. I was looking at the 9 more I needed to put me over the 100% mark. This was the retail sales equivalent to bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, and there is a full count. All the pontificating I have done all month to try and prove to these sales reps [kids] that 100% is attainable if you work hard enough for it. Look for the sale. Ask for referrals. Do all these things and you will get 100%. Now all that seems to be white noise against the background of 85%. The best rep [me] only had 85% of their goal.

On paper that looks to be pretty horrible. But I am not one to stress about the shortcomings of the month. I had plenty of them, but for the most part it was a successful month for me.

I was able to come into a store who needed someone on the floor who was aggressive, and be that aggressor. I was able to get to 85% without having a damn thing lined up before I walked into the door besides a 5 line deal. So I started absolutely cold. I should have finished last, but because I was so aggressive, I was able to lead the team all month, with the exception of 1 day where someone else pulled ahead. Am I tooting my own horn? Yes I am. Do I deserve it? Yes I do.

I am looking forward to this month. I have a pipeline that is ready to close. I just have to turn on the faucet. My goal is probably going to come in again at the 60ish mark. I have 1/3 of that business already to close. I just have to find 40 people who need new lines of service and I will have my month. That's 3 or so per day, for all 22 days that I work in 1 month. It's totally doable.

This is what I love about sales. When 1 month is over. The counter goes back to zero and it's time to do it again. Pick yourself up and move on.

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