Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where to begin?

Over the past few days, I have had a ton of things on my mind, so before my brain explodes, I feel the need to vent!

So I will start at the top. 

I have been feeling:

My wife, god bless her soul, is a part of a community theater program.  It's really a fantastic group of people.  Many of her friends are my friends on Facebook and they come and see me if they have problems with their cellphones.  You get the picture.  So when she went to a recent meeting, some of the people mentioned that my tongue is a bit filthy.  You know.  I say the bad words.  Shit, piss, fuck, bitch, damn, and I commonly use the Lord's name in vein, like God Damn.  

I get that I probably shouldn't say those types of things in public.  I get that they are a bit immature.  I get it all.  Are their complaints, if I can call them that, warranted?  Maybe.  But what irritates me is that they talked to my wife about me.  I don't care that they did, but if you have a problem with me, please please please come and talk to me.  I am not going to kill you, yell at you, or anything like that.  Just come to me.  I don't need that kind of bullshit.  Nor does my wife need to deal with that.

Pissed Off.
Work has started off pretty slow.  I had the first 2 days of the month off, and I got off to a slow start.  I have been last in the store in new activation production [new activations is the metric that really really counts].  That isn't because I suck.  It's just because the beginning of the month gets a ton of new walk in traffic.  I can honestly say that there are 3 reps [including me] that do a decent job at generating their own traffic.  So to be losing to luck, pisses me off.  It's not that the other reps suck, it's just that I am that much better.  Egotistical?  Absolutely, but that is what separates me from them.  If they were in my position [last place] they would shut down and say, oh well.  Me?  I push harder to catch up and pass them.  

So I work, and I work long hours, pisses me off, because they fluff off and get walk-up traffic.  

On the other side of the coin, I have been kicking ass the last few days at work.  I have been in last place all month to now, pulling myself up to second place in the store.  My hard work has been paying off and the satisfaction of a job well done is rewarding.  Unlike my counter parts, who get lucky, I work for my paycheck where as they show up.  That is probably why my customer satisfaction results are heads and tails better.  The store average for customer satisfaction is 64%.  That means 64% of my store's customers would recommend my company to a friend of family member.  If you break it down to an individual rep level, I am batting 1,000.  Every customer that I deal with, would recommend my company based on the interaction with me.  Does that make me feel good?  Why yes, yes it does.  My company pays attention too.  The CEO sent me an e-mail today from his BlackBerry.  He said way to go, keep it up, and nice numbers.  Our CEO pays attention.  It's nice to know the CEO is watching and giving you the seal of approval.

This past Wednesday Jenn and I found out that a baby girl is on the way.  So the name is set, and all that is left is to get a bunch of stuff for the baby's room, paint, put together all the baby's furniture, actually give birth, and bring the baby home.  Of course this means a trip to the baby superstore, Babies R Us.  That place is the Costco of baby shit!  So we figured out which crib we liked.  Bedding is up in the air.  There is an argument I would like to win.  Of course you will need a stroller, car seat, and car seat base.  You can purchase them all together as a travel kit.  It's nice, but Jenn would like the traditional type of stroller.  I want the 3 wheel style, but Jenn doesn't like the patterns on them.  So I guess I will defer to you.  If you can help me find a stroller/car seat/car seat base combo kit all in one that is green and cute, it would help me out, because this is the only objection she has to this type of stroller.   

And here is the much anticipated photos I have promised!  Check out the foot!

We didn't get the 'money shot' photos taken, just because we could see what she was talking about, but didn't need to photo to prove it.  Even if we had them, I am sure it violates the terms and conditions of the user agreement with Blogger.  Anyway, we know its a girl!

Wow, I feel a little better now.  I get Easter off!  Sleeping in tomorrow as well as posting Podcast #3.  Anyone figure out how to get the podcast in itunes?  Just want to make sure it all works.  I don't use iTunes ever, but I am told that it should work because of who hosts the PodCast. 

Lemme know.


Blasé said...

Your wife's friends are not afraid that you will "kill" them if they come to you about their problem with YOU. They are afraid of something far worse...that you will 'Blog' about them, instead.

calicolyst said...

Community theater people are the second-most irritating pricks in the world, only proceeded by High School Theater people.

~K said...

Congrats on the baby.
Cangrats on being a cellular stud!
As for the Community Theater people.Tell them you have Tirets syndrome and make them write a play about it as punishment for their insensitivity. Those people are all about being ultra PC. The last laugh will be yours!! :-)

Just Jules said...

There is the pics I came looking for. That is the main thing I miss about being pregnant (not much to about being pregnant to miss if you ask me) - that and the little alien feet sticking out of your side, loved that (except the middle of the night kick out of the bed ;)

Thanks for not disappointing . J