Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pictures to Follow Soon

There is much to be celebrated. December 31 was a huge day for me and my wife and daughter. That is the day we discovered that we were pregnant. I mean my wife when I say we, but she didn't get pregnant by herself. I helped. I promise!

The stars were aligned that night for us. That was the day Jenn's parents were in town. It was the day we were going to have my mom out for dinner. It all worked out.

Well 3 doctors appointments later, we finally got to the Ultra Sound. Now I posted photos of the Ultra Sound earlier, but that was just a quick, check for a heartbeat kind of Ultra Sound. It wasn't one of those measure this child kind of Ultra Sounds.

Well today was the day. We got to find out what was really growing in there. Boy? Girl? An Alien from another dimension. Knowing me, that is what would happen.

The room was dimly lit. Not that weird back alley dim, but that warm and inviting dimly lit. As Jenn unleashed the belly the goo came out and off to the races we went. With every click of the machine, with every hum, buzz, and blurred image, we came closer to the climax of this particular climax.

First things first. There is only one of them in there. Thank God! Twins run in both sides, and according to the human genome, we are due for another set of twins. The technician took us on a guided tour of the womb. It was like that guided tour at the art museum in 5th grade. It was ok, but you weren't there to appreciate the art, you wanted to get to the guts and bolts of the visit. Was it a boy? Was it a girl?

Before I tell you what we found out it was, let me take you through the name progression.

Before we stepped foot into the room I told Jenn from the beginning that I wanted to have a boy name and girl name picked out. The name we argued over for a while was the boy's name.

Jenn is Irish, I am Irish and Solvak. So when it came to boy's names we like Sean. I wanted it to be Sean S-E-A-N. The Gaelic spelling and pronunciation. Jenn wanted Shawn. The ignorant American spelling. Although we are ignorant Americans I believe that your heritage should be honored in your names and not necessarily you label [see also: Afican American].

When it came down to it, Jenn like Alexander as a boys name better. I told her I didn't care which name it was, I just wanted something unique. I didn't want to name him the homogonized John or even Jack. I wanted Sean, but I would compromise on Alexander because I could call him Xander. I'm sorry I think names that start with 'X' are pretty bad ass.

For the girls name we came to a consensus pretty easily. Addison. Easy, modern, yet with the old world feel. Mackenna would be the middle name, although Jenn really wanted it as a first name, I wanted Addison. I compromised on Alexander, she caved on Addison, but Mackenna would be the middle name.

So before walking into the room, it would be Alexander Robert or Addison Mackenna.

After about what seemed to be 3 hours [that's 40 minutes in impatient Dad speak] we found out.

Addison Mackenna should arrive in early September and I couldn't be more thrilled. Sure I would like a son, but hell, I will take another daughter. I already know what I am doing when it comes to potty training and what not.


~K said...

Awesome...who knew you had it in you, of course if it was a boy my vote would have been for the name of Ricky Bobby1

Steve... The Master of The Universe said...

Who do you think you are Obama?? When did you become Irish?? Funny I wasn't aware of our hertiage change... We are AT MOST a drop if Irish... We are English Mut and Slovak not enough to call us Irish... Oh yeah and marrying someone that is Irish does not make you Irish... Just wanted to let you know.

By the way I'm still gonna call my new neice Shaquithwa Alabaster... Shakal for short.

It's Just Me said...

oh yeah! THE news. been waiting.

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