Sunday, April 12, 2009

PodCast #3

Well this week I had to fly solo.  

Steve was going to join me, but he had to tend to the family things on this Easter Sunday.  Look for him next week.  It will be hilarious I think.

Highlights from this week's Pod Cast.
1. Intro Music is from a great Cleveland Band, The Ohio Sky.  They sent me some tunes from their new CD to play.  
2. The Presidential Hotline is in there
3. A new movie is coming out next summer about the Pirates of Somalia, and we have a sneak peak at the movie trailer.  They make reference to the hot lesbian cheerleaders of the Panthers and R. Kelly is in it.  Sounds like a great movie.
4.  Coming back around is the Ohio Sky.  They have a show coming up on April 17th at the Grog Shop.  Please check it out if you are in town.

Mobile listeners, please click here to listen.

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It's Just Me said...

havent had a chance to listen yet, but, question.... I will email actually - sorry!