Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Only in Cleveland

I am truly thinking about going outside and chopping down my neighbors blue spruce and putting it up in my house. Snow on the ground just doesn't feel right unless I have a Christmas Tree up.

This morning has not been a good morning thus far. The dog was whining way too early to be normal. My ears alerted my brain that he wanted out. My eyes cracked open to see the time on the clock, and at 3:45am, he would be fine. 7am rolls around and he starts to whine again. I rolled out of bed, which is probably the same as watching an elephant get up. They roll and you never think that they could sling that huge mass onto their feet. Well like the elephant, I eventually was able to pull myself upright.

I noticed one thing in my house that I usually don't. God, it was freezing. Last week I decided to turn off the heat because it was 55 to 60 degrees outside. With me living between 2 other condos, there was no point to have it on.

Last night a snow storm blows through, drops measurable snow on the ground, and I forgot to turn the furnace back on.

Now it all brings me back to my last point. It's April, the daffodils are starting to come up and there is snow everywhere. I swear to god Cleveland, Ohio is the only place you can experience this sensation.

Sunday I woke up and it was 60, then Monday morning it was 45 in the morning. By noon a sweater was put on, by 5 a snow advisory was on, and now by Sunday it will be 70 degrees.

Only in Cleveland! I remember one year when I had on my air conditioning and heater on in the same day!


Julie said...

and you probably don't listen to Q 104 but as a gag they were playing christmas music and all of the callers were talking about the holidays and getting their cookies baked. Even though I agree this snow crap has got to go it was awfully hilarious.

~K said...


calicolyst said...

When life gives you snow, make snow angels.

It's Just Me said...

I do have to say it sounds very minnesotan! We often have the heat on in the morns and air on by two in the afternoon.

Or, last Spring it was 70 at lunch and 38 inches of snow on the ground that night!

We are a few longitudal lines too high (or is it latitudal?)