Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do something

Well today, I fell like I helped someone.

Before you read further, go read tangobaby's post. And this one too.

It's nice to see another human being doing something for another human.

Last weekend I won what my company calls a Recognizing You. It's a reward for doing something that lives with the mantra or credo of my company. I won it for outstanding sales in 1 day. I won a contest and my manger gave me $25.00 good as cash. There are thousands of merchants that I could have redeemed it at, but I decided on I enjoy Amazon, and it gives me the most bang for my buck. Amazon sells pretty much anything, so if I decided to, I could buy baby stuff with it, or surprise Jenn with it, or get Audrey something with it, or spoil myself with it.

I decided that I would wait. I added the gift card to my Amazon account and started back into the morning routine. Blog reading. A few weeks ago I saw a story on Tangobaby's blog.

Today Tangobaby posted a follow-up to this story. She encouraged us to write to her so she could give her a message of luck. I sent in a message, but it all suddenly came together. I could use this $25.00 gift card for this woman. Now, $25.00 doesn't go far, and I wanted to give her something meaningful. So I ordered her a moleskine and a great pen. So she can document what is going on in her life. Writing has a very special place in my heart, and without the encouragement from others, I would have never continued writing. I now do it daily, mostly in the form of nonsensical things, but every once in a while I write something good.

So let's hope that she finds inspiration in the Moleskine like Hemingway did. Even if it's used for something as simple as writing down names and phone numbers of people she needs to talk to, at least it's into something nice, with a nice pen. Even if her kids use it to pass the time, at least its something nice.

Besides helping around the house today, with laundry, and dishes, and dinner, I feel like I made a difference to someone other than myself and my family.

Good luck. Good night.

What have you done to help someone else today?

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Just Jules said...

oh, aren't you the sweetest :)

good job - here is a pat on the back - well deserved.