Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's about that time

You know that nagging feeling you get when you forget to turn off the iron? You sit back and wonder all day long if your house is going to burn down, or if the auto shut off on the iron is going to work.

That feeling has nothing to do with how I am feeling right now.

I feel like a kid again. I am back doing what I really love to do, and that is talk into a microphone and create some form of entertainment, however stupid and insignificant it may be, people are starting to take notice.

After posting PodCast #4 I went into the actual PodCast tools from podbean [my podcast hosting service]. I realize 2 things. The first thing is that I have used almost half of my server space already and I have only posted 4 PodCasts. The second thing is that PodCast #4 has gotten a great response. By great response, I mean, in 1 day, the hits on my PodCast went from 43 to 532 hits. In 1 day.

That is just amazing to me. I only use this blog and it's 18 registered followers, twitter, and FaceBook to market it. Just by posting a tweet pointing people to my blog, got over 500 hits in a day. That is just amazing to me. Out of those 500+ hits, 22 people actually downloaded the PodCast. That is cool too.

I feel slightly accomplished. I have a ton of cool things planned for the PodCast too.

1. Going to Chicago to visit my brother in May. Looking to do a PodCast with his improv group, Legitimite Beef.
2. Planning a live acoustic set the The Ohio Sky for May as well.
3. Looking to redesign the blog to support my blog and PodCast habit
4. Looking to give free stuff away!
5. Found an announcer for the PodCast too! Can't wait for the new microphones to have the bugs worked out to unleash him to you!

Let me know how you like the PodCast. Seriously. Comment and stuff.

Take care. Look for a blog tomorrow about pirates. Maybe Steve will make an appearence and chime in.

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