Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Ohio Sky Show and More PodCast #4

Here is another installment of the Throwing Quarters PodCast.

This week's highlights.

1. Opening tune is from Philo. They were 1 of 3 opening bands for The Ohio Sky. Liked em so much, I'm playing them, on top of purchasing their CD.
2. The Ohio Sky fucked my ear pussies! [For those who don't get the reference that means it was awesome!]
3. Buy Philo's stuff here
Buy The Ohio Sky's Stuff here.
4. Check out next week. I ordered 2 more microphones. Now I can have guests on and still sound good!

Special Thanks goes to Ambitious Beats. They gave me the music beds this week. I will post a link of his stuff when I get one.

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1 comment:

Julie said...

OK now I'm mad at myself for not going. Any idea when their next concert is going to be?? cause I'll have to make sure I go to that one.