Friday, March 27, 2009


Good Day my good sirs/madams. This is an official apology to my last few blogs. I feel utterly embarrassed and foolish for my attempts at a first PODcast. I promise to give you something entertaining; and soon.

I was up pretty late last night talking to my twitter friend @muse012. She gave me some good feedback on the PODcast. Thank you all for making me feel good about what I am doing, but thank you most of all to @muse012. She told me, basically, she was disappointed. Thank God. Me too. So in honor of this huge disappointment that was PODcast #1, I am working on a special treat for @muse012. Her birthday is on April 5th I think, let's hope PODcast #2 will be done by then. It's going to involve a ton of work. That work starts tonight.

In other news. I sent out a few e-mails last night to some great unsigned CLE bands. Let's hope one of them sends back a reply in the affirmative to get onto the PODcast. I have a ton of great ideas for some music, and being from the Rock n Roll capital of the world, I feel an obligation to bring you some great music from the CLE.

Hope everyone is having or had a great day. I am off to work to get material for the blogs of my life. Tonight will be a late night.


It's Just Me said...

I think we all knew you were trying to find your footing. I thought of a few comments, but knew you would already know or figure it out as you go. NO worries, we know there is good stuff to come

mouse (aka kimy) said...

"the blogs of my life".....hmmmm sounds intense

best on the quest....

~K said...

As the world Turns...."These are the blogs of my life"

sorry that was the first thing that came to my mind :-)