Monday, March 2, 2009

Change the Record

I am just plain irritated. I am sick and tired of hearing the same broken record over and over again from people. By people I mean everyone. I have yet to hear anything new come out of anyone's mouth in a really long time.

I just want people to shut the hell up. The world isn't going to end! This economic crisis is not going to last forever. It will, if you allow yourself to get brainwashed by the media. For all of you people out there worrying about what stores are closing down and things like that. Get over it. It will happen. Sure, Bear Stearns was around for a long time. But they failed because they had very poor business plans. Their business model didn't count on the flow of money to stop. Their business model didn't count on the fact that eventually the money they were floating between lines of credit would eventually come due. Circuit City was just under horrible management.

All those people losing their houses. Too bad. What makes you think you could take cash out of your home, and only pay interest on it for the next 5 years, and then NOT have to pay it back eventually. These financial tools that are given to us are to be used with responsibility. Most of America used them responsibly. The stupid people used them with stupidity, and maxed it all out, knowing that if their payments went above what they are paying now, then they are screwed. Now look what happened. You're houseless, calling into talk radio shows and crying, and telling everyone how the banks "screwed you". You screwed you. Not the banks.

This whoa is me attitude is inescapable these days. There are friends and co-workers who are always talking about something that's horrible in their lives. My parents hate me, or my job sucks, or my life is soo hard. Get over it. If your parents hated you, then you would have been drowned in the bath tub shortly after birth, if it even got that far. If you honestly think your parents hate you, then stop going home to visit. If they call you and ask where you are, then you know they don't hate you. Once you figure that out, then you can stop bitching about it. If you actually go home and visit and they bitch about something. Get over it. Their world isn't going to stop revolving because you're home.

If you job sucks the quit. Stop you bitching and quit. If you hate your job, then the people in that job probably hate you. I work in an industry where the average sales rep makes a good living. The better ones make more. But the median age is 26. So now you have a bunch of young professionals who make decent money, drive nice cars, and complain about everything, because they have finacial success at a young age. I think people need to struggle a little before they make a decent living. I paid my dues working for free in radio for a year and a half before they started paying me minimum wage.

If your life is SOO hard. Find help. Your friends, they are not therapists. They make you feel better, but ultimatly they tell you what you want to hear. If they told you something that actually challenged you, then you would stop calling. Stop being so self centered and calling them to vent about your day and call a therapist. If you think seeing a therapist is a waste of time, you have a decision to make. To suck it up and move on and learn from what you have experienced, or watch girl inturrupted and get some ideas. There is a cutter in there, there is a girl who hangs yourself. Just stop bothering me with your same stupid broken record. I was there in the beginning and I have told you how I feel. My posistions have not changed, and your bitching and moaning have not changed, even if you have stopped bitching directly to me. I can still hear that broken record. My tolerence for bullshit is waining. Get over yourself and move on. I have said it before and I continue to say this.

Now before you blow up my comment box, cell phone, and FaceBook accounts, let me tell you this. If you are reading this, and in the back of your mind you are wondering, is he talking about me. Then the answer is yes. Don't ask me, are you talking about me? Yes! I am talking about you! If you don't like what you are reading, then stop.


Julie said...

WHAAAAAA!!!!! My life is so hard!

Dude people who think that not only are irritating but (once you've come around and are not irritated any more) they are sort of ammusing. It's not your problem that other people's lives suck. That's their (my) problem. My life does not suck, I am happy I have a job and a good job at that. sometimes it's boring (so what) who gives a shit? I'd rather be bored then un-employed.

Steve... The Master of The Universe said...

Are you talking about me??? LMFAO ROFL HSTDG HDFIIS NSKL OIKKI

Yeah I just made the last 4 up... don't ask what they mean.. you might not like the answer.

~K said...
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It's Just Me said...

I FRIGGIN AGREE. Can I start b*tch slappin people yet

(why am I losing my g's on the end of words?)

Amazingly stores have closed, people have lost jobs and the logging/board plant around here has made much more drastic cuts before, and people didn't freak out and board up their doors and shove their cash under the mattress... they just said "too bad man"

Get over it, move on, look at your checkbook and deal with your own status. If we act like their is a crisis we are actually creating a crisis!
So there damn it.

It's Just Me said...

I have been working on this damn post all day after reading yours

- I have been stewing on the same topic since we both posted about it during elections. When you posted this I knew I needed to write the post that had been swimming in my head for weeks.

I am Finally done and I would like to say thanks man for wasting my day ;) but the post is done and i can stop thinking about it phewww.

Now off to put a beer in the fridge.