Thursday, March 26, 2009

You have got to start somewhere!

I want to welcome you to the first ever audio blog.

It took me 3 takes and I figured this was the best it was going to get for now. I feel like I sound like an amateur, and to some extent that is true, but like my brother told me, you have got to start somewhere.

Anyway, enjoy. Hope you like it. There is more to come, this is just the beginning.


Julie said...

I know we're "grown-ups" now so everything is supposed to be more sophistocated or whatever but, it does kind of sound like a college radio station and I think that's what makes it Cool.

~K said...

Dude...nice, but if you are going to do this you need to be Podcasting!

It's Just Me said...

Keep working on it, fine tuning - it has great potential ;)