Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Power of a BlackBerry

It is no secret that I talk about BlackBerry's a lot. I sell these things all day long. It's hard not to fall in love with something that is so simple to use, yet it can do so much.

The in 'biz' the BlackBerry has gained a moniker that is synonymous with drug addiction. The 'Crack' Berry. Crack is the most addictive drug in the world. After one hit, I am told, you can't wait to get another. You would take a dollar from a dude just to watch you jerk off to get enough scratch to get another hit.

Using a BlackBerry is nothing different. Once you unleash the fury of organization and communication this device can do for you, putting it down becomes an impossibility. With the advent of mp3 players, video players, ringtones, and voice recorders, the BlackBerry becomes an all in one stop for not only you personal productivity [read: e-mail and internet access] but also the hub of your life for entertainment.

My best friend Pat decided that after almost a year of having the world at his finger tips, he needed to put it down. Like me, he used his BlackBerry for everything. After moving out of his rental agreement with some roommates, he finds himself homeless, but employed. In an effort to save money faster he is couch hopping with friends he activated an old phone that wasn't a BlackBerry to save the $30 a month he was paying to have that device.

After about 2 weeks without his BlackBerry, Pat would call and ask if his old phone can do [insert any feature he loved about his BlackBerry] and the answer would be, every time, no. Everyday I would text Pat, he would tell me how much he was missing his BlackBerry. He missed the BlackBerry messenger conversations, plethora of custom ringtones, and everything else that went along with his days. He didn't like the plainness of just text messaging someone, and last night when he came over, he missed 30 important e-mails from family members who have become accustomed to communicating via e-mail. In less than 2 weeks, Pat went from being completely in touch and mobile, to tethered to a computer on my couch. With him not having a set place to stay right now, he can't go a week without e-mail and still be in touch with his family and friends.

Today, after much deliberation, Pat decided to come see me at the store and re-activate he BlackBerry. He made the comment to me. Quitting drinking is easier to do than putting down a BlackBerry.

There is a reason BlackBerry, unit for unit sells 10x faster than any other Smart phone or iPhone. They are that awesome.

My BlackBerry made it possible to keep tabs on my blog today. Turns out Jules over at Just Jules was inspired by a recent blog posting of mine, so too commented on the media's over exaggeration of the financial crisis. I was able to read her comments to me about my post, and then check out her blog to read her post on the subject. I was completely flattered to see that she quoted me in her post and deeply appreciate that she linked back! Again, being connected is everything. I have used my BlackBerry for work, and I have used it for personal use. I much prefer it for personal use. I often post entire blogs from my BlackBerry. Not this one today. I decided to use a full computer. My BlackBerry is worn out from our busy day.

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~K said...

It's all fun and games until you accidentally drop that Crackberry in the toilet!