Friday, March 6, 2009

7 and counting

I'm sitting in a corner of a bookstore. The scent of coffee hangs in the air. It isn't the scent of the stuff you brew at the office, but the richness, and the roast of the beans hang in the air so thick, you can taste the hints of chocolate, the sun drenched coffee beans from a southern mountain side from Columbia.

I started to read my book about the CIA last night, once things calmed down a bit. Today, after my meeting, I decided to grab the other, more escaping novel I have been reading, and head down to Borders. I found a quiet corner and opened it and started to read.

I found it hard to concentrate on reading because every time something was mentioned about this particular character's childhood, I started to wax nostalgic about my own child's blossoming childhood.

All morning I have been getting photos sent to me from Audrey's baby book. I could close my eyes right now and see her chubby cheeks all bunched up in her smile. I can see her eyes making the shape of moons as she smiled. I can still hear her little giggle. Audrey was a happy baby. It's amazing to watch her grow up and become the little girl she is today. Happy. Content. Curious.

Yesterday as she strapped on her apron to get to making cupcakes, I noticed that she is growing up right before my eyes. Jenn often jokes that we need to stop feeding her and put a heavy book on her head to get her to stop growing.

By the way, as I sit here punching out this blog on my BlackBerry, I am watching a woman pitch a cosmetic line to a woman and her older mother. It seems like its Avon or something. I'm not sure it Mary Kay, but the sales woman is pitching skin care products she obviously isn't using, and if she is, she shouldn't say that she is, because the bags under her eyes are so big, I could use them to pack for a 2 week vacation.

Anyway, sitting her thinking about Audrey energizes me. I am ready to work today. Let's hope the rest of the team is ready to work as well.

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Julie said...

Awww, Audrey is getting so big, I agree with Jenn you need to tell her to stop it with that growing thing right now (young lady) I tell Meghan the same thing about Maura, she's another one who has gotten so big I can't believe it. I'll be in for my USB today. No frightening drink in hand this time either, I promise. :-)