Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Soundtrack to Life

Music. It's inside all of us. The title of this post is laser etched into the back of my brother's ipod.

It never rang so true until right now.

I am sitting on a rock in an empty parking lot near my home. The wind is biting the edges of my ears. I decided after a long day at work that a walk with my pup is just what we both needed.

I can feel spring in the air. Its crisp and has the undertones of warmth from a distant tropical land.

I put on some tunes on my blackberry and buried a pair of ear buds in my ears. Pandora started to pump out tune after tune. I started on the Paramore station I started. I am feeling a bit drained and the music Pandora gave me fit my mood. Mellow with an energy that was nervous, and yet draining.
I talked with the wife for a short time and after that I put on The Sleeping Station I started. One song after another. They all fit my mood exactly.

Now I sit down on a rock to punch out this blog as Fall Out Boy's cover of the hit single Beat It blasts in my ears. I am ready to tackle the rest of my evening. My dog is pretty confused. I just stopped and I type. It is something he will never understand. One thing, he can't see color, and two, he doesn't have opposable digits.

Evolution rocks!


Julie said...

Are you having a quarter life crisis or something? Oh and speaking of music, got any kanye on there??

It's Just Me said...

I used to work with a cocktail waitress (when I bartended) that would say...."can't you hear it?" and I would say"hear what?".... ..."the music"... me"what music"...her"the music in my head dead serious (and she meant it).

The point is that I do believe we all have an internal sound track - just don't expect others to hear it :)

Man, this is what happens when anesthesia is still coursing through your veins.