Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Craigslist Genie Granted a wish

Today the Craigslist Genie granted a wish for me. I wanted it to find me the USB interface I needed to get my voice back onto the internet radio waves.

Indeed I got help from a few places. I do have a list of thank yous.

1. Mr Adam Watt of [His yet to be named record label]. Thanks for giving me the advice as to which piece of equipment to purchase.
2. Eric from Craigslist for having the one I need in stock and at a low low price of $85.00.
3. Of all people my ex-wife. She found it on Craigslist and gave me the heads up.

Now onto figuring out how this damn thing works. I have the drivers installed, it powers up, I have my microphone, but no damn cable for it. I have one around here somewhere. Adam has one for me later this afternoon, so if all goes well I can make my first recording today to test it all out.

I have a lot of work to do, but I am one step closer to having my blogs PODcast.

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Adam said...

Ha ha! I love the nod to yours truly. Funny thing is I have 4 artists in the fold for the label and can't use the f'n name I wanted! Grrrrrrrr...I should send you the latest round of name ideas sometime. What a grueling task! I'm lookin forward to hearing what you record tonite bro. Have fun! :)