Saturday, March 14, 2009

Get me a sharp knife, this isn't going to be a cry for help thing!

So I'm sitting in a movie theater. I have 5 very excited and very loud girls. Their ages range from age 7 to 10. Audrey, the guest of honor was just ushered to her seat by the staff of our local Regal Cinemas. Now as the commercials roll on the screen, the lights are starting to dim, the butter on the popcorn stands out just a little bit more, and the trailers start for the upcoming movies.

The snack fairey is yet to show, but I'm told she will be here soon.

Just before we got our reserved seats for the show, [Race to Witch Mountain] we took a behind the scenes your of the projection rooms. We got to see how movies are projected onto the silver screen. We saw how the movies get delivered in big orange cases in several small reels. They are then put together to make one huge reel. It then actually lays on its side and moved through the projector that way.

Anyway, we saw the movie. The girls sat still for about 3 minutes before they started to fidget.

After the movie, back to the house we went. The dinner menu was simple. Pizza. But not that domino's shit. We made our own mini pizzas. It was fun, interactive, and kept the kids occupied. The recipe is simple. English muffin, pizza sauce, cheese, and your topping of choice. We used pepperoni. 12 minutes in the oven, and BAM, instant pizza. The kids loved them.

Audrey opened her presents. It was a great mix of clothes and cool things to do.

Now, the next portion of the evening is still causing controversy to this day. We played an very very intense game of mouse trap. The girls split themselves up into 2 teams. Green and Blue. Now for those who don't know the premise of mouse trap. The game piece is a mouse. As you play, you built a large, elaborate, and utterly useless mouse trap. The idea is to trap your opponents mouse. Now an hour into the game and we were still trying to trap some mouses. I mean at one point kids were yelling, screaming, singing, and dancing, all to get a plastic mouse trapped by the over elaborate mouse trap. Because the game went on for so long, a clear winner was never determined.

Once the game ended, I cleaned it up, while Jenn doled out cake in the kitchen. As I was cleaning it all up, I realized that I must play this game with some friends, as a drinking game. I think it would rock. Look for a blog in the future to see how that turns out.

Cake and ice cream went more smoothly than I thought. Aside from the constant whining about who gets what color plate, it was uneventful.

So now its 11:10pm, and high school musical 3 is playing, and the ladies are spread out on the floor with comforters, pillows, stuffed animals, sleeping bags, and hopefully closed eyelids.

In the end, I think I bit off more than I could chew and its going rather well. I am learning from this whole experience. I have learned that sugar equals 93 octane gasoline in a highly tuned engine, alcohol is almost an necesity, and that sleep is over rated to a 7 year old.


Julie said...

Really?? it took Audreys birthday party to get you to realize that sugar=93 octane gas? just give her sugar and then multiply it by 5 (in this case) dude she is one hyper little kid. not that, that's bad but she's got energy chances are all of her friends have energy too. They would have to, to keep up with her. I'm glad that it sounded like all went relativly well.

~K said...

Oh wait until they are doesn't get any better and then one of comes out!

~K said...

Oh and if one of them does come out crying..FOR GOD"S SAKE MAN..DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT try to navigate those waters. Once the hormones kick in get your wife..then hide..nothing you can possibly do or say will fix whatever it is you will only end up pouring gasoline on the fire and spending the rest of the evening asking "What did I do" to a bevy of incredulous stares!

It's Just Me said...

Hey man, missed you. Thanks for stopping by again. Love the irish tradition. Was pissy yesterday when I posted that .... obviously :)