Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mustache Week

Welcome to the last week of February!

This week is Mustache Week at my place of work. The rules are simple. Wear your best mustache for the entire week. Now I am much like an adolescent boy. I grow hair in funny places, but hair on the face isn't my thing.

This morning I had a goatee, I let my facial hair grow out, so I would be ready for mustache week. I had many ideas on how I wanted to shape my mustache, but what I came up with was a variation on a classic mustache made famous by ~K at Still Breathing and Hulk Hogan. Both gentlemen can pull it off. I, on the other hand, have some trouble filling it out.

My brother and wife and pretty much everyone tell me that my mustache looks like a Mexican mustache.

So because I can't seem to have a mustache like Tom Selleck, I will call my mustache, the Mexican Trucker.

I will post photos of my co-workers as we get photos of our shaped lip warmers.


Steve... The Master of The Universe said...

Looks more like a Dirty Sanchez... look it up on Urban Dictionary if you don't know what it is

Julie said...

Mexican Mustache is a good one. althought I do agree with the Dirty Sanchez too. I don't know if facial hair suits you it's weird.

calicolyst said...

That's basically how I grow my facial hair. More hair grows on the left side of my face for some reason. It's very odd.

~K said...

yeah for Mustache week..the Handlebars suit you well my friend!