Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unexplainable Anger!

I must have woke up angry today. I have no patience for anything. By saying I have no patience for anything I mean, I wanted to punch a dude in the face for being an asshole. I wanted to mess him up like Chris Brown did to Rhianna.

Is it just the day after Valentine's Day blues? Its like everyone in America yesterday was in love and happier than a pig in shit, they went home, took out the Kama Sutra Books and did positions 5-30 last night. This morning they all woke up sore and pissed off because they realized that they are in the same hopeless relationship this morning as they were on the 13th. No more sweet pecks on the cheeks to wake each other up. It's back to the same old rolling over to fart behaviors that you hated, but magically disappeared on the 14th are now back on the 15th.

Last night dudes got the annual BJ, and when they went back to get another this morning they were met with the cold shoulder.

Well all those people are walking into the mall today and taking out their frustrations out on me and my poor team. We all have the benefit of having happy relationships, but because you can't seem to get a handle on your own life, you must be rude and bitchy to me.

Today I had a customer walk in with their family and ask me what they can get for free. We have 4 lines, what can I get for free? My initial reaction is what I voiced back. I usually can keep a lid on the asshole tone. Not today. The headache pounding in my ear prevented me from hearing the asshole alarm in my head.

Me: Well, were do you work?
Customer: Why does that matter?
Me: I am going to walk into your place of work tomorrow and ask you what I can get for free just because I walked through the door. Customer: Well that's a bit rude.
Me: Isn't that what you just asked me?
Customer: Yeah, but it's different.
Me: How so?
Customer: I'm your customer.
Me: That makes no sense. Because what you are saying is that it is ok for you to me rude to me, but I can't be rude back.
Customer: Exactly.

This is the type of bullshit that I have to deal with today! By the way, that customer walked out with a BlackBerry, a case, car charger, and a 2gb memory card too. I charged her for her phonenook transfer, when normally I am able to waive this fee, but that's the price you pay for being a dick! I'll stick to the book today!

There is a store right near mine that nearly put me in a good mood, but another customer squashed that.

There is a store across the hall from mine in the mall that sells high end suits and business apparel. The owner likes to bring in his dog in to keep it lively. Its a nice puggle named Rex. I went over and pet him and he licked my face. Leave it to dog to put you in a good mood. Their unconditional love is amazing.

All the work that dog did to put me in a good mood went to shit when two stupid people walked up.

Customer 1: Is that a dog in that store.
Me: Yeah, that's Rex. He's really cool, the owner likes to bring him in, his customers love him.
Customer 2: I wouldn't step foot in that store. What an inconsiderate guy, doesn't he care about those with allergies?
Me: Well if it was hurting his business I don't think he'd bring him in.
Customer 1: Are you deaf? He said that he wouldn't go in there. That's potential business he is losing.
Me: Seriously? You're giving me crap about buying a phone for $20.00 after rebate. I doubt you'd go in there anyway, because the average suit in there is $500.00, and the only thing you can do with that is wear it.

Customers left happy and with their phone, but left me aggravated.

Where do people get off being complete and utter jerks?!

It's because I work in a mall isn't it? Most customers assume that because I serve the general public I am a minimum wage know nothing. I have a job where I get to see many different people, and help the general public. I enjoy my job, but today I am just plain irritated! I blame McDonald's for putting people that serve the public in the stupid category. They hire people at minimum wage and because their employees could give a crap about quality. Ever go to a chik-fil-a? They actually care about their jobs and it shows in the service. I don't work at McDonald's so don't treat me like a pimple faced minimum wage teenage kid. I probably make more money than you!

The stupidity just astounds me!

The most often question of the day that I get asked is, where is foot locker?

Today I felt especially feisty, I told the to take a photo of me with their phone. They obliged, then I told them too look at it. They said, its just a picture of you. I said look closer. Sure as shit, just above my head in the picture was the bright red 4 foot letters that spell out Foot locker.

They left and went in, and I hope they felt stupid.

I am on my 7th day straight at work and my next day off is still 3 days away. I guess I am just cranky because I haven't spent much time with the family. I have seen Jenn, but only in the time between she gets home, and we go to bed. The total time is about 10 minutes. Its enough time for her to come home, kiss me, go upstairs and get ready for bed, by the time she out of the bathroom, I am passed out in bed.

That's been my life for the last week. Actually Since last Monday morning.

I am just cranky!

I'm not apologizing either!


Coachdad said...

Too funny... I can relate. Sorry not needed.

~K said...

Dude this is why I work mostly with servers and not people. Today people have no couth!

Julie said...

I am truly sorry, I am but that is why I got the hell out of any kind of service or sales job as fast as I could. and I'm still irritated by people. You know the obnoxious suits that come in and think they know everything. they've never been on our floor before but they know exactly where they are going and who they are looking for (even though they've never met said person before this very moment) and they don't even have the manners to say good morning. GAH!!! And this isn't a small floor we have 80 plus people up here. Wow this isn't a comment this is an entire blog post.