Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As promised at the end of my latest post, which was riddled with misplaced words, mainly for the fact I was typing it on my BlackBerry in between customers, and on my breaks, I was going to introduce you to a new blogger. By new, I mean she has only posted to her blog 4 times. I was hooked to this blog from post 1.

I want to give you a little background on this particular blogger.

Katey B. and I have been co-workers for just about 2 years now. We met when I was a Senior Sales Rep at her particular store. After working for a few months, we developed a friendship. We talk through text message and, my favorite BlackBerry, pretty regularly.

Katey is probably one of the funniest women I know. Her sense of humor is fantastic. But like anything out there, people would make fun of her because of her weight. They never poked fun directly about that because it would be to un-PC, they would talk about her booming voice you can hear from the next county, or her infectious laugh. They would call it annoying, or loud. I found these 2 features of Katey B. endearing and I loved working with her, and I continue to enjoy working with her. Who cares what other people think. They are just insecure with themselves so they can go fuck themselves.

Now, she started her blog to document a journey that she has embarked on. Right now she weighs 396 pounds [according to her blog]. It's funny how I found out about her journey too. I was going to a sales rally for my company, which was the same conference I talked about in an earlier post. From across the room I could here Katey B. laughing, so I wandered my way over to her and she grabbed me and said, "Oh my God your mom is freggin awesome."

I kind of looked at her funny. How the hell did she know my Mom? My Mom is the office manager of the Bariatric Surgery Department at St. Vincent's Charity Hospital in Cleveland. This hospital has one of the most notable and successful bariatric surgery programs in the country. My Mom is very proud of the work she does with this program.

"I was in her office, I am having my surgery." She tells me.

That is how I found out. She is 4 days away from the beginning of the rest of her life. Her life is about to change, and we get a front row seat to it. She has also jumped on the Twitter Bandwagon like me, so check her blog for her brain vomit too.

I saw that she started a blog and after I read it, I needed to share it! This blog must be cathartic for her and I am behind her 100% in her decision to do what she needs to do for her.

And now without further adieu, I give you, My Journey From Fat to Fabulous by: Katey B.


tangobaby said...

Katey sounds like a sweetheart and a lot of fun. I wish her all the best on her new blog and achieving her goals and a successful surgery.

~K said...

I actually left a message on Katey's blog. I have been where she is. I have done what she is contemplating.

Adam said...

Talked to katey, she really liked you kind words! can't wait to see her journey unfold!