Wednesday, February 25, 2009


For those of you who have no idea what that is; it is a pre-amp interface for a laptop. Why is this important? Because as stated in a previous post, I really would like to get back into doing voice over work again. I did it for a while as a means to support myself, and failed a little bit. Not that I wasn't good, but I didn't have the acumen to actually do the entire business idea, nor did I have the patience to wait around for it to take off. So I figured I would just make it a hobby, which is all it seemed to be. I love playing with sound, and also playing with my voice to make it do crazy things.

This little box above is a way for me to get my creative juices flowing again. Yesterday my wife ordered me a case for my old hard drive. I can't wait for it to get here. On my old hard drive is all the old work parts I had, and the 5 disc sound library I had. It also has the sound effects that I have made over the years. All these things have been stuck on a hard drive waiting to come out. All the professional work I did [read: custom mixed music for flair bartenders, some crazy bits for WLUP back in the day].

I can't wait, but the thing I really want to do is record new stuff. I had ideas for some old school Theater of the Mind stuff that I would really like to post.

Most of the day yesterday I was looking on-line for this thing. After asking some sound engineers that I know, they gave me a few items to look for. After doing some further research, I found the interface I wanted. It was $84.00 on Amazon. Before I asked the wife for the cash to purchase it [yes, I am that whipped. She is the only reason I have a roof over my head. She is great at managing my finances] I decided to go to Guitar Center and check out my original item. Turns out that the microphone I already have it way too good for this particular device. I told him what microphone I had and he said, well, it would work, but I would have to get another pre-amp for my microphone still. So he showed me the item I have above.

The microphone I have is a condenser mic and so I have to use only PRO audio stuff and not just regualr, home audio stuff. It's cool I have good stuff, but the purchase price of my little box went up to close to $200.00. Even on eBay they are selling for $150.00 which is still too much money to be asking the wife for, unless it's totally justified, which it is not at this point. God damn you phantom power requirments.

I am a sales rep. I will find a way to sell her on this idea. I love not having access to my money too. If I had my debit card today, I would own the entire Pro-Audio section of Guitar Center. My extra bedroom would have been turned into a new recording studio instead of being renovated to be a nursery.

If you know someone who has this particular piece of equipment and is willing to sell this at a cheap price, [less than $100.00] please let me know.


Julie said...

So are we talking voice over stuff or are we talking commercials??

Adam said...

we are talking all of the above.

i also would like to explore pod casting!

It's Just Me said...

Waiting to see you ...oops ...hear you on the next animated classic. Or maybe it will be that 30 second commercial that makes me giggle...