Monday, February 9, 2009

Guess what?

Today was appointment #2 for Jenn.

We were going to get to hear the baby's heart beat. We got to the doctor's office. Jenn was nervous. She didn't know what to expect.

Scale. Down 3 pounds.

Inside the room. A part of me was excited, part of me nervous, 100% of me was ready to capture the sound of a tiny heartbeat on my voice recorder so I could have it forever.

Doppler heartbeat goo, then the heartbeat monitor. Nothing but Jenn's pounding heart.

The doctor left to get a ultra sound machine. Jenn and I intently looked at the monitor on the machine. I don't know if we thought we were going to know what we were looking at, but we looked anyway.

It took a while, but we got to SEE the heartbeat.

I can't begin to tell you how awesome it was. For the first time, I am at a loss for words. I scanned the photos in, so take a look.

I wish I knew how to edit photos and point out what you are looking at, but alas, I am unable.

Stay tuned, there will be many more adventures to be had in this thing called pregnancy.

I have been off the grid for the weekend. I am writing a blog to tell you about that, but I figured I would drop this off while I continue to make head way on the other blog.


tangobaby said...

That's so AWESOME! Thanks for sharing your great news... wonderful!

It's Just Me said...

Aha! When are wee ones were that--wee-- I used to call them "peanut" because that is exactly what they look like in-utero! You had me holding my breath for a few seconds when you didn't hear anything. Good news though! yeah.

I miss those joys, yet, don't want to repeat them.... I guess four wee ones in five years time will do that to a person!

It's Just Me said...

BTW- your letter for the letter game is...a choice between K or I.

calicolyst said...

If I knew how to interpret ultrasounds, I could edit the pictures. But I'll take your word that there is a baby in there.