Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who got a letter?

Well I posted a blog about the letter K.

So at the end I said if you wanted a letter you must comment and my dog will pick one out. Well my brother Steve over at All My Friends Are Make Believe 'took' my man card and asked for a letter. He got the letter Q.

I am not going to steal his thunder, but this is a warning. His blog is not for the easily offended. Then again, if you are easily offended, go comment because I love reading him rant. Mainly because I know most of his comments can be in hurtful and as much as I like not to offend too many people, he goes out of his way. I love watching people get pissed off at things, its entertainment. Stop taking yourselves so damn seriously.

I digress.

Go check it out!


Julie also got a letter.

The letter F to be exact.

Go check out what she likes that starts with the letter F.


Julie said...

There I played!! and I'm checking out Steves blog next. is it work safe?? I don't care about the offended thing I care about the being fired thing.

Coachdad said...

cool your blog!