Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've heard of the Mondays, but what about having a case of Tuesdays?

What are the Mondays? I think its just being burnt. Mondays are when you are burnt from the weekend, Tuesdays are when you just feel burnt out and it just happens to be Tuesday.

Today, I'm at work, and thus far a caffeine free day, and I'm jonesing for my fix. I can feel the brain starting to get pissed. It needs coffee, its not nice to withhold caffeine from a finely tuned machine. I purposely left the wallet at home, so I wasn't tempted to spend money I didn't have. So it was about 3 minutes after arriving to work when I said to myself, I need coffee, badly! I don't want to take headache meds with futility. Just then and there my BlackBerry Messenger went off. It was my Starbucks Angel telling me to come get a drink. The clouds part and I am bathed in a ray if sunshine![listen closely, you can hear the choir singing a chord of 'ahhhhhh']

My case of Tuesdays were instantly cured. I have my fix now and I can go about my day, until the instructions of my doctor came pouring into my mind's ear.

My last doctor's visit wasn't a good one. My blood pressure was up and he asked me to cut down on my sodium intake and drink less caffinated beverages, because I drank about 16 cups of coffee a day for the last 20 something years. Has my blood pressure always been high? I would say yes because I drank so much coffee.

So as Angel made my beverage, she knows how much I love coffee, throws in 6 shots of espresso. She is god sent!

So after the first few sips, the voice of my doctor screamed at me. [apparently I am a schizophrenic]

Don't you know that I told you to cut down on your caffeine?

So I heard somewhere that espresso doesn't have as much caffeine as regular brewed coffee. So to confirm my intuition, I asked the all knowing oracle of our generation, Google.

0.276 seconds later I had my answer. Espresso has roughly 80mg of caffeine per shot. An 8oz. cup of drip brewed coffee has 115mg of caffeine. As I stated before, I drank 16 cups of coffee a day. That is typically brewed coffee. So if my math is correct, my benchmark caffeine intake stands at 1840mg of caffeine a day. So my 1 cup of coffee which is 6 shots of espresso is drastically lower [480mg]. So shut up doctor's voice!

So to make my Tuesday even better I got a surprise visit from my friend Pat. We lunched and back to work I went! Pat's having a hard time. He moved out of his house because of some awful roommates. Now he's couch hopping, but he's still doing good. He has a standing invite to my voice Saturday night through Tuesday night.

After lunch Angel stopped down to say hi after she got off work and she came bearing gifts. 8 more shots of espresso. Even after the next 8 shots my total caffeine intake of the day is only 1120mg, I am still less than my normal 16 cups or 1840mg.

I didn't feel bad drinking free drinks either.

But I guess my Tuesday isn't so bad after all. Other than the fact I am working and customers have been light, but a pain in the ass, except for my friend Erika who was the best customer of the day!

I look forward to my day ending. I can't wait for the next blog, see below for a trailer.

*Trailer for next blog......I will be introducing a new Blogger to you later tonight. Her honesty and frankness and her courage are endearing and you'll find her honesty humbling. Stand by for that one, but to give that blog its justice, I will need my laptop and not my BB like I am using now*


tangobaby said...

The truth is that things like high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high cholesterol... all of those "do or die" things that doctors tell you, a lot of them are BS or not the whole story.

I have very low blood pressure (luckily) but I eat tons of salt and get no exercise. I know for a fact that low blood pressure runs in my family.

Of course you should watch your salt intake (but I'm a total hypocrite) and your caffeine, but your body is such a delicate thing and so many factors affect it. Just make sure you're getting the tests, and the medication you might need, because telling someone to stop drinking coffee and then hoping for a miracle sounds like a third rate physician to me.

Steve... The Master of The Universe said...

Jesus Fucking Christ.. he's not fucking dying! Tone down the fucking drama!! lmfao

It's Just Me said...

I have been on a continual journey to lessen my caffeine intake - I mean why not, can't kill me. But, man, take it sllllooooowwwww! What took years to accomplish will take years to wean man!

I do have to say I could kind of hear the caffeine working as you were posting this - seemed a bit caffeinated? ;)

Julie said...

To much caffeine is just one of those things I think doctors tell us to scare us. And when did you get your own starbucks angel? Lucky you to be getting free drinks. Althought I must say I still get free drinks as well but only if I visit my former store. I'm pretty sure you are in all reality fine, caffeine isn't going to kill you and if you don't get your daily intake of it you may kill your stupid customers. so really in the end Adam on caffeine is good and I'm about to go and get myself some more of that sweet nectar of life. BTW I'm curious who is this mystery blogger??

mouse (aka kimy) said...

16 cups of coffee a day!

shit my heart arrested just thinking about that amount of caffeine