Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I find myself.......

Sitting up in the morning, thinking, and typing on my wife's MacBook Pro.  I am secretly longing to have one of my own.  Besides the small differences in the mouse pad, and not having a right and left click button is driving me nuts, but for the most part I love it. 

The one thing that I have learned to love about Apple is that their design and ergonomics are wonderful and as they modify their iPhone and make it more inline with what I sell, I also find myself wanting to sell them.  It's not that it is superior to what I sell, it's just another product to sell, and the more choice I can give the customer, I more opportunity I have to capture their business.  

One thing I have really learned to hate is that registering a Podcast with iTunes is proving to be difficult.  It took me about 3 hours after work last night to figure it out.  With any luck, you should be able to search my Podcast in the iTunes Podcast directory, rather than having to go directly to my Podcast website and subscribing that way.  

Worn out isn't the word, but it's close.  

But I am currently working on a few things for my next Podcast.  We may finally get to talk to the guys from The Ohio Sky as they are playing another show I am going to try and get to on the 16th.  I might have some live tracks live from the Grog Shop.  If all goes well, we will have my buddy Adam Watt recording the live performance, my friend Moe photographing it, and you listening on the Podcast.  If you want to hear more from the Ohio Sky you can check their music out on Podcast #3 and then I play more on Podcast #4 and talk about how their show was.  

Until then, take care.  I have a busy day lined up today.


LouDuk said...

I want a Mac like so bad. I'm actually going to get a laptop tomorrow. My parents will not let me get a Mac cause their Dell people. It makes me angry. Keep up the good work with the podcast!

~K said...

DUDE...You know I used to work for Apple. In the Position I work now I run both Windows Servers and Mac Servers I also support Mac Laptops and Windows laptops. In the server world windows is much better for now ( MAc is getting better) In the PC world Mac has it hands down over Windows. I love my Mac laptop and i can run Windoze on it when I have to. Trust me as an IT guy Mac integration is superior. Once you go Mac you never go back!

J&D said...