Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big news

I usually try really hard to come up with an interesting way to tell a story. Whether it is to go into detail and put you there with me, or just give you the rough outline, I try and take a different angle.

Well today I am not really going to go there. I am just going to give it to you straight up.

I have been working feverishly to get my Podcast better and more widely distributed. My last podcast was a smash hit by my total hits standards, I have decided that that podcast will be the last one of "this season". I have gone into my writing studio and started writing a bunch of stuff for the podcast. I have a lot on the agenda and my next Podcast will be bigger, louder, and more entertaining as ever. I have some special musical guests lined up. The Ohio Sky, Morality Check, and a new band, Vendetta Point will all make it onto the show coming soon along with great music from Papyrus Records. Not only will I be able to bring you great stuff from these guys, but we also were able to find a new comer to the professional photography industry and we can bring you video and photos, and with the help of Papyrus Records, great live concerts.

So what's content without a way to distribute it? I have tried to make my podcast accessible to anyone. With a live feed on this blog, to a dedicated Podcast page over at Podbean, I have even bitten off a piece of the forbidden fruit and it's now on iTunes. With all of those great avenues to bring Throwing Quarters to you on your computer and also on your portable music device, I have gone one step further. I can now bring you my Podcast from a mobile application for iPhones and Blackberry smartphones called Stitcher. If you have listened to NPR in the last 2 weeks, you will hear that they have a commercial for this app in every commercial break. Stitcher is really cool and yesterday I heard back from ther Senior VP of Business Development, Mike Ghaffary, and gave me the green light to have my podcast join the line up of other great Podcasts on Stitcher.

A lot has happened since my little interview with Tangobaby, but I think this is just the beginning of things to come. The wifey is working diligently on making the look of the Blog page and Podcast Page more professional using her graphic design skills, so when the new season of Podcasts launch, so will all the new art work.

I will be placing promos for the new season of the Podcast to hype it up, and I am going to ask for your help to spread the word. I can't wait!

But before I go, I do need your help. Since many of you are very photographically inclined and I want your input, I am wondering if anyone out there has a way to take or get a photograph that inturprets the title of my blog in an interesting way. This way I can hand them over the wifey [aka as the Throwing Quarters Art Department] and she can try and take each one and incorporate it into the banner. You can find my e-mail in the right side margin of the blog or click here.

Thank you all for the support, and thanks for reading! This is going to be an exciting summer.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It is so awesome that you're changing things for the better! I love your podcasts. Keep them coming. I will attempt to find some sort of photograph that says "I don't give 2 cents, I throw quarters."

~K said...

Does your wife know you are gay? ;-) Sorry I couldn't resist. I am subscriber to your podcast so I will know when the next one comes out. Great sound and editing btw I look forward to it/

tangobaby said...

Congratulations on all of this new progress. Like LouDuk, I'm going to see if I can come up with an image for you.

I have a podcast update/question for you but I'll email you.

Anonymous said...