Friday, June 26, 2009

Captain Hook is at it again

Is it wrong that the death of Michael Jackson has met apathy? I mean, it is sad that a talent like that is dead, and the circumstances are shrouded in mystery, much like the life he lead. But at the end of the day, what did we lose? We lost a great musical talent that had a penchant for the peculiar, a thirst for the stage, the musical talent to fill stadiums across the world many times over, and the business sense to buy the Beatles catalog and live off the royalties.

The death of Michael Jackson has had everyone glued to the television for hours last night, and they were back at it this morning. Wall to wall coverage, much like the carpet in my living room, was all over the place and trampled.

It is fair to give the death of Michael Jackson air time. I get that. But when Twitter, Facebook, and my text message box blew up with people telling me that Michael Jackson was dead, then he was in critical condition, then he was dead again, then finally, CNN, Fox, TMZ, and even WKYC all reported that he was dead.

Then I got even more texts about it, and by 6pm I was tired of it. I didn't care about it. I called the wife on the way home from work last night to tell her how aggravated I was, then she was like, Holy Shit Farrah Fawcett AND Michael Jackson are dead? We then watched the wall to wall coverage last night.

Here is my beef with the news. I get what they are trying to do. They are trying to get viewers and put up content that is captivating, and can keep viewers tuned in. I get it. Sell the ads and put money in your pockets, but when they took his body from UCLA to USC and they followed the chopper and then got live video of the transfer of his body in a white sheet to the van, it suddenly went from, Michael Jackson was dead to, look at him, he's no different, in the end, than us. Being driven to the coroner in a white van. So that is when I threw my arms up and said, great, let's move on, because when I die, I doubt it will interrupt the regularly scheduled program.

Later in the night when it got really ridiculous is when Anderson Coopers and CNN posted photos from a papparazi photographer who got a close up of his face, all covered in intubation gear and a breathing bag, and the paramedics working on him and they moved him from his house into the ambulance. That was unnecessary and disrespectful.

This morning Reuters reported that his death was a case of Demeral overdose. Yes it is plausible that he could have overdosed, but when it comes down to it, its all speculation. Until the coroner comes out and says, "this is exactly what killed Michael Jackson", put a lid on the conspiracy theories.

Here is another idea. Since most news stations are using places with tabloid journalism [TMZ],they can also now use my blog. You heard it hear first. The mysterious doctor was none other than the infamous Captain Hook. He finally came here to put Peter Pan to rest.

Say a prayer, play his music as loud as you want, light a candle. Let's move on.


Shawnee's Girl said...

I agree, except for the part about watching the news. We heard about it, then changed the channel (and changed it again and again...) It is sad that he died. I personally feel he lived a very sad life as a child in an adults body, but however he lived and died, it has happened and let's stop beating the dead horse. How about we just let the poor man die. (Yes, I know he is actually dead, but every time we rehash it on the news, twitter, facebook, etc. we bring him back.) Let him rest in peace already!

Kacie said...

I agree, he was a great musician... I love his music! But that's life. You live, you die. His career was pretty much over a long time ago anyway, which is sad... but yes, let's move on CNN! And I agree, they've been disrespectful and way more nosey than they need to be right now.

Just Jules said...

What kills me is that is was a "sudden" death. REALLY? have you seen the guy in the last decade. It kinda seems like he has been on a downhill slide. That to me is like saying someone who has cancer the last 10 years suddenly died.

Anyway, I couldn't agree more about the news coverage. As I said in my last Ask Jules piece - I am tired of our news. They are sensational and sided. They are out for the angle and will beat something to death often making mistakes or judgements along the way. They don't care how what they dig up or make up will effect people after they move on.

~K said...

I am sorry but the first thing that came to my mind is what if Captain Hook really was a doctor? Can you imagine that moment when he puts the glove on his hook and says "Arrrgh time to check your prostate matey" Then YOU are gonna want that Demerol shot!

Anonymous said...