Thursday, June 4, 2009

The White House

I must say, a guilty pleasure of mine is to watch anything and everything about life in the White House, or life as a President of the USA. The History Channel has done a ton of stuff, Discovery has also done a bunch, and NBC has a tradition of following around a President for an entire day. They tell you what it's like to work in the Office of the White House [read: West Wing].

NBC's special on the 'Obama White House' is very similar to the 'Bush White House'. Meaning, the the scenery was the same, but the plot lines, people, were all different. The biggest thing that I noticed about the special was how laid back Obama was. Now, Brian Williams says in the beginning, "we are here to show you what life is like in the West Wing, and the White House is here to show you what they want you to see." So with a grain of salt I say he's laid back. It could have been a schtick, but then again, it could have been genuine. During the special I am sure Obama 'scheduled' his trip to '5 guys' for the cameras, but then again, I have gotten a '5 guys' craving in the middle of work before too. I never offer to buy for the staff, but then again, I am not a millionaire either.

So I am going to recess back into my obsession that is politics. I am not a trained observer, nor am I a credibile resource for comprehensive political coverage and I get that. I am an entertainer, just like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reiley, Jim Alger, Keith Olberman, and yes, even Brian Williams. So I cannot wait until the next glimpse into the life of Our President.

My favorite special regarding the President is the 60 minutes interview with President Bush right after the 9/11 attacks.