Friday, June 19, 2009

Dog Parks, Garage Sales, and Enron

Yesterday on Twitter, I posed a question. What did Dog Parks, Garage Sales, and Enron have in common?

One of my favorite answers came from a friend of mine on Facebook. She said, "They are all full of crap."

How true is that? But what else did they have in common? They all had a part in my two days off from work.

Wednesday, as you might have read, was a day off/work day. Waking up at 5am and rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes is never fun. It's like taking sand and rubbing it in your eyes. I totally feel for anyone who has to wake up THAT early on a regular basis, but then again, if I needed to get up that early all the time, then I would be used to it. Anyway, the rain was coming down pretty good that Wednesday morning. I could see all the best laid plans being washed away with the rain.

After the PDA seminar in the morning, I was planning on getting Audrey, getting Freckles to the vet, and then maybe hit the zoo to renew the zoo membership. We wanted to take the dog to the dog park too but then again, we needed sun, but we got rain.

So I got the monster and her older sister Katelyn from their mom's. I enjoy spending a lot of time with Katelyn because I used to see her all the time when I was with her mother and I loved it. Now I see her every once in a while. There is a whole other blog on how that turned out, but I will save it.

The long and the short of it is, we went through the day and then after dinner we took Freckles to the dog park. It was new and Audrey wanted to take Freckles so badly, so about 9pm we decided that since the rain held off for the evening we could go to the dog park. When we got there, we saw how large it was. Maybe close to 1 or more acres of nothing but fenced in yard. Freckles ran and ran and ran. I haven't seen this dog run so much. Another doggy mom came with her dog and then Freckles had a play mate. They ran, wrestled, and ran some more. Audrey had such a great time. Now he got all worn out, he decided he needed to find a place to lay down. In the entire dog park, there was mud puddle. Of course MY dog found it.

Thursday was Garage sale day. The city I live in had a complete citywide garage sale. Wifey and I were on a mission. We needed some dressers, rocking chair, and maybe a new bed set. Now like my friend from Facebook said, Garage sales, like dog parks, are full of crap. Two hours into the hunt we were still empty handed. We saw some items but they were in really horrible condition. Right as we were about to give up, we saw them. A set of dressers that matched. They didn't look to good, but then again we didn't want to find something that was plug and play. What we found was 2 dressers that were structurally sound. We decided that it needed a sanding, paint, and new hardware. Project. We got both items for $10.00. Not $10.00 a piece, that was a total price.

Now high off the good find, we loaded them up and took them home. With the garage having all the room we need, we can work on it indoors. We unloaded and then we went out again. We found the glider we were looking for by chance. This glider was in fantastic condition. The cushions were worn well, but then again, the finish and structure were in fantastic shape. $30.00 and we took home a $500.00 glider rocking chair with ottoman. We know it was $500.00 because we saw the same one at Babies R Us for $500.00. Another supurb find. New cushions later and it will be ready to go.

The garage sales were like the mud puddle at the dog park, except the mud puddle at a garage sale is awesome. Lots of junk [wide open space in the dog's park sense] and then 1 mud puddle [good stuff in the garage sales sense].

Now when talking about Enron, I watched a documentary. Go rent it on Netflix, Blockbuster, or where ever. It's called Enron: The Smartest Guy in the Room.

If you want to be in a bad mood for the rest of that day, watch it. Enlightning and disgusting all at the same time.