Monday, June 8, 2009

Podcast 7 Presented by Papyrus Records featuring Tangobaby

What a great show we have in store for you.

We finally have a partner in the Podcast world in Papyrus Records. A local Cleveland record label who specialized in singer/songwriter music has signed on to help out the Podcast by giving us exclusive tunes and support in producing live broadcasts around town. I want to thank Atom Watt for all his help and support.

Visit Papyrus Records on the net on Twitter [@papyrusrecords] and e-mail your submissions for consideration at

This week's tunes are brought to us from Carrie Sample and Zach Watt. Both are exclusives and I think their music is fantastic and refreshing.

On top of all the Papyrus Records hoopla, we also had a blogger buddy on again.

I want to thank Tangobaby for taking time out of her packed day to come on and talk about all the great things she is doing out in San Fransisco [intentional or not]. I hope you find her stories as fascinating as I did.

Without further adieu, I give you installment 7 of the Throwing Quarters Podcast.

As always, mobile users can click here.

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tangobaby said...

Thanks again for your time and interest, Adam. I really enjoyed our conversation!

LouDuk said...

Found this from TangoBaby! Love it! I really like your blog, you have a voice built for radio.

Just Jules said...

I have to come back tomorrow to listen to the podcast - but popped over quick to tell you the latest installment of Ask Jules is up. Come see how this unpolitical gal answered a very political question (I had to do some research!) bring your friends and play along!

Just Jules said...

finally made it back to listen. I love hearing your voices! It was fabulous.

J&D said...