Saturday, December 5, 2009

What would YOU do?

[The photo of Michael Symon telling me (you can see my hair only) that he read my blog.  Chef Pallardy and the Wifey.  photo courtesy of Chef's Widow]

So for the past few posts my blog has been an uber love fest for Michael Symon.  I have trepidation about posting this for a few reasons.  The world doesn't need another Michael Symon story, and I don't want to embarrass my friends, but then again, fuck it, Symon is the shit, and if you can't take some hazing from me at some point, you need to hang out with me more.

So, like I stated before, I was at this fundraiser.  The fundraiser brought out the geek elite, the Cleveland Bloggers to The Greenhouse Tavern.  It also brought out Michael Symon. It also raised over $1K too.

Now over the Thanksgiving holiday a good friend of mine and his wife and new son drove from Washington D.C.  My friend Josh is a chef in the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dining Room at the Pentagon.  Yes, THE Pentagon.

The weeks leading up to his leave to come home, we chatted online about what we wanted to do, and planned our nights out because of my limited shitty retail schedule. I had 2 days off while they were in town and Michael Symon is his idol.  Is that what you call someone you look up to?  Anyway, his goal for his trip out was to go a Michael Symon restaurant [Bar Symon], and have great great food.  I mean we did both.  And by did both, I mean my tastebuds needed the morning after pill.

So, we went to this fundraiser and across the room was Josh's idol.  The reason that keeps him running in his day to day grind.  Symon was chilled out, having a quiet dinner with his wife and talking to the people he knew there.  At one point he was heading out, and he walked through the bar and just chatted.  I glanced over and saw my good friend Kasey talking to THE Symon.  After she had her convo, she came over and I said, Josh has been dieing to meet him.  He is a culinary God to Josh as he also just a plain ole GOD to the rest of Cleveland.

So Kasey kind of looked at Josh sideways.  You know the way you look at someone when you want to tell them they don't make any sense.

"Well, go introduce yourself!" Kasey said.

Josh was nervous.  "Adam, you coming with?"

That's when Kasey chimed in.  "Aren't you in the military?  You went through boot camp, and you can't walk over there and just say hi to Michael Symon?  You don't have the cajones to do that?" [I'm paraphrasing.  The wine has dulled my memory]

That was all the encouragement he needed and off he went.  He walked up to the Chef and said hello.  Chef to Chef.

The rest as they say is history, but I think it's a pretty funny observation.

I mean Josh was deployed in the desert.  He has experienced a mortar attack on foreign soil.  He has fired an M-16.  He cooks for some of the MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, and he couldn't muster the courage without a little encouragement.

I think Symon should have been nervous to shake hands with Josh honestly.  I mean Symon cooks for us common folk.  He doesn't cook for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the biggest office building in the world.

What would you do if you were suddenly across the room from your idol?  Would you say hello?

I know I would say hello if given the opportunity.

What would YOU do?


Vodka Logic said...

Very cool. I am not sure I have an idol but I do have people I admire. I think I would need encouragement as well. But then again I have not been in the military.

~Kenny said...

If I was across the room from Jayma Mayes from Glee I would walk over and earn my restraining order dammit! That way our names would be on the same document forever and ever....*sigh* :-)

Just Jules said...

I have actually thought about this before. It really depends upon the circumstances.

now in this case - very appropriate. a chef wanting to talk to another - both have big time jobs.

Me wanting to talk to Julia Roberts who is eating in a restaurant I think would be very wrong - she is out trying to have a relaxing time and me wanting to talk to her would only be self serving and an inconvenience to her. Now if she came up to the bar we were at and was waiting for a drink (does that happen? probably not) and was looking around and caught my eye..... giving me an in to say hi. then maybe - but I doubt it.

Shawnee's Girl said...

I think I would agree with Just Jules. I would hate being gawked at like an exhibit, so I would likely not go up to who ever (almost did that Thursday) and introduced myself. In fact I had to tell myself that I should since Josh was going and I am always complaining how I never get to meet anyone famous. :)
By the way, I am going to try to send you those pics of us tonight.

Will Burke said...

I'm with Jules; if they seem to having 'personal time,' I'd like to think I'd give 'em space. But I met Duff McKegan (bassist, Gn'R), and was pretty cool about it. Then got the shakes!