Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger!

Have you never made a mistake?  No?  Well ok you must be Jesus. 

Like you, I have been watching the coverage on Tiger Woods.  Just like I watched the coverage on Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and who ever else you can name that has diddled someone else besides their wife.

This kind of thing, sorry to say, happens all the time.  It doesn't get the least bit of coverage unless it's someone famous. 

I've watched this drama unfold on CNN about Tiger and his voicemails.  Tiger and his Cadillac.  Tiger and another woman besides the one he was already doing.  I am tired of it.  In less than a week Tiger went from being the best golfer in the world, and that's it, to Tiger, the adulterer and drug addict. 

I don't understand.  We built Tiger up to be this amazing golfer, but yet we tear him down immediately when he breaks the mold we had for him in our mind.  We saw him as squeaky clean, can do no wrong, family man, husband.  Now that we see that he is a little human we call him things like bastard, asshole, and dickhead.

He is human.  Like you and me.  He is not different in the end.  So instead of hammering your imaginary gavel and judging him in the courtroom of your mind, think about it this way.  Would you want people talking about you in the same sense if it came out you diddled your baby sitter 3 weeks ago with your spouse upstairs?  Or while you were on a business trip you got loaded and headed to the strip club and you broke the 'no sex in the champagne room' rule?  Would you want your dirty laundry aired for all to see and have your peers instantly judging you based solely on your indiscretions?

The truth is, no one knows what is happening to Tiger, but Tiger.  I don't care how many inside sources you have, no one is going to know the whole story but Tiger and his wife. 

I think it's complete bullshit that we have gone so far into the story as we have. 

Leave the man alone.  Let him either work things out with his wife or let them get divorced.  In the end it's not our business.

Now, for all those women 'coming out'.  Put your gold digger bitch personalities back into your purse and go home.  Yes, Tiger cheated on his wife with YOU.  You are not some unknowing pawn.  You are a conscious partner in this whole masquerade.  The reason you dropped your panties and let him stick it in you is because you wanted to be able to blackmail him later.  You didn't 'love' him.  You didn't care about him.  You wanted what was in his pockets.  Sure, there are two parts to all the stories, but if YOU knew he was married, than why did you even show him the time of day?

Call me crazy, but if a MARRIED guy walked up to you, and YOU KNEW HE WAS MARRIED, and he starts to make advances to you, wouldn't you think he was creepy, an asshole, and a dick?  He was married and it's not like it was a secret Tiger was married. 

So for all you women out there that were WRONGED by Tiger.  Go back to the hole you crawled out of, and get a job.  That is what Tiger did to get all his money.


Vodka Logic said...

I hope you feel better.:) And you are right, none of our business and leave the guy alone.. my problem is when you are a public figure you should be a bit more careful. Maybe that isn't fair but it is the reality of celebrity.

And yes the woman would have to live under a rock not to know who Tiger is and that he is married.. so I have no sympathy for them. If he promised them anything opps "you" are the 1 millionth lady suckered by a married man.

And Tiger, you may want to call Adam. he can show you how to delete that incriminating shit on your phone...duh.

Tino said...

Thank you for that. This is exactly what has been eating away at the back of my head for the last week and you finally managed to say it for me.

Sadly, the real losers in all of this will be his children. Bad enough that the family knows "Daddy's dirty secret." But now the rest of the world, too?

~Kenny said...

OK Fine I did Tiger too, but he told me he loved

Chris said...

I don't know what Mrs. Wood was so surprised about. Tiger told her he was going out to "play a round."

Kelly Muys Wood said...

"Call me crazy, but if a MARRIED guy walked up to you, and YOU KNEW HE WAS MARRIED, and he starts to make advances to you, wouldn't you think he was creepy, an asshole, and a dick? He was married and it's not like it was a secret Tiger was married."

Yup. That's exactly why I think that Tiger is all of those things no matter what the real story is. He cheated. Who cares why? It has nothing to do with him being famous or a golfer or whatever. Cheating is completely creepy no matter who you are. No details needed.


Loredana said...

In the end he cheated, whether it was one woman or 12, but like you said 'it's none of our buisness' and he needs to figure shit out with his wife, NOT US!

But this is what the media does, they build you up and then rip you apart! Does it change who he is? Should it change who he is? DEFINITELY! Famous or not, he's a scumbag!

And as for the women that are coming out, like you said, go back to the holes where you crawled out of!!!