Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Move Along

Ok, so last night, I may or may not have cracked open a bottle of merlot.  I also may or may not have drank 2 full glasses.  I also may or may not have passed out and don't remember going to bed. 

So today's blog is brought to you by the letter combination M-E-R-L-O-T. 

If you are not on twitter, please get on it, and then promptly follow me.  We have some good discussions throughout the day. 

Get on it.


Just Jules said...

merlot letter combo... hmm could also make---> (a) Lot (of) Mr E. you would think I was drinking too.

can't twitter cuz I don't have the right phone or plan - nor do I have the $30 extra a month to get with it.

Vodka Logic said...

Just Jules twitter when you are on the pc.

Don't do Merlot, I'm a vodka girl..duh

Joe Harvey said...

Young Luke...only ONE bottle took you out? ONE bottle of grape juice? ::sigh:: I'm with Vodka Logic..and after one bottle of VODKA, i dont miss the bell... once again...youth wasted on the young. :::belch:::

Kenny said...

A bottle of Merlot...12.99 (24.99 in CA)

A Pair of Wine glasses $ .50 (Adam uses paper cups)

Waking up in a bathtub naked from the waist down...priceless

For everything else there's Tequila

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Doesn't Jules know you can twitter on your computer???

I don't know MERLOT? ;)

marymac said...

I'm with Vodka Logic in the Grey Goose Gals club. Wine gives me a migraine unless it's organic, Organic merlot? I'm in.