Saturday, August 1, 2009

Season 2 Episode 2

What happens when you have a singer/songwriter, a guitar, a sound guy, Skype, and some friends over?

This Podcast.

This episode of the Podcast was by far my favorite to produce, edit, and actually put together. As you can hear, we had a great time, and I hope you do as well. Here is a little run down of what we talk about, and listen to.

First and foremost, I cannot say enough great things about Dave Ritz. Truly a great guy, with a great voice, just happy to be doing what he loves to do; entertain. I won't lie, I was a bit nervous about this podcast. Was Dave going to think I was a hack [the answer is more than likely a resounding yes I'm sure] because he's been on bigger and better shows than mine. So having someone over the house and playing for me was a humble experience. I loved every second of it and I cannot thank him enough for coming out. I can't wait to see his live shows with his band behind him. Please go check out his website and say hello.

Dan Ryan, my announcer, and now a contributor to the podcast was also here [he drove Dave from the far East Side to the far West Side] and he brought burgers to grill. There is nothing like having a guest come over and bring burgers for me to grill up and be the butt of a few jokes, but then again, tell us about the movies. Check out his blog and keep tabs on it.

Adam Watt was also here for this podcast making sure it all sounded ok. He brought a studio in a box to capture Dave and his Guitar. He was awesome to hang with as he always is and again, I cannot thank him and his record label enough for supporting this small podcast. Thanks again Adam. If you are a singer/songwriter and want to be considered for a project with Adam, please e-mail him: atomwatt [at]

On the phone this week we had Jules from Just Jules. It is always funny to hear someone's voice after reading their blog and have your own version of what their voice sounds like. She broke in a new segment called, 'Tell us a story". Her story is a must hear, and by God, when I taped this, long after the rest of the gang had left, I was rolling and laughing to the point my eyes watered.

Tune in!

I was able to snap a few photos of Dave Ritz rocking the Couch Potato Studios. Check em.

Blackberry and iPhone users can download Stitcher and search for Throwing Quarters Podcast to listen on the go.

Here is a photo of all of us on the show today.
[left to right: Dan Ryan, Adam Watt, Me, Dave Ritz, and that's Audrey in front]


Anonymous said...

Jules Rocks!!!!
Cool stuff.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

WOW it is weird to hear her voice!!! :) I love this story and Jules is awesome!

Oh and I love your podcast... cool!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Made my way here thru Jules.....awesome podcast!!!!!!! you guys all cracked me up the whole time!!! and Dave has an awesome singing voice!!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I love talk radio! Jules was so funny! How do you decide who is a guest?

tangobaby said...

Can't wait to listen to this later! I'm sure it's awesome. You're so good at these podcasts... I should know. ;-)

TheEclecticElement said...

I love Just Jules! That segment was incredibly funny :D
If you do that video, I wanna see it!!

tangobaby said...

Very fun interview with Jules. I loved her crazy lists and your riffs on them.

Still looking forward to the day that you get to podcast and get paid for it.

Julie said...

Great Podcast so funny and Audrey is a totally ham she's so freaking cute.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dude! You really deserve it!

Sue said...

Your blog's awesome!

person within said...

I saw ur blog listed as the "Blog of Note" and decided to check it out..First of all, Congratulations!!

I read thru' your blog.. Your podcasts are really good, man..

Very funny interview with Jules..:)