Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stay Classy

Sometimes I think we forget the power of the most simple of devices.  A cell phone.  Easily considered a strict communication tool.

It wasn't long ago where we would put printed pictures in our wallet to show off to other people.  We would keep boxes of spare photos under our beds, and in our closets.  That all changed with one small advancement in cell phone technology.

The camera phone.

Somehow overnight we went from printing pictures to snapping photo with our innocuous cell phones.  And if your cell phone has become the virtual wallet of photos, the computer has become the virtual shoebox.

Enter the smartphone.  The smartphone moved our cell phones one step closer to computers in our hand.  Powerful tools to connect us to the virtual world!  Powerful tools to keep us organized! Powerful tools to snap nude photos of ourselves!

Wait.  What?

Yes.  Yesterday after work I was walking to my car.  I saw a friend of mine in the parking lot so we chatted for a little while.  She was having problems with her smartphone, so I offered my assistance to her.

"Let me see it!" I say.

I grab the phone from her hand and I she tells me her memory card isn't working right.  So I open up the phones memory card folder, clicked a few setting and like some kind of magic, her photos came flooding into her phone like water over a levee in New Orleans.

As I am watching the fruits of my labor, I notice something.  There are tits all over these photos.  What is that?  I think they call it shaved?  It looked more like an underwater plant.  I look at her with a perplexed face.

It was just then and there when the color ran from her face much like Usain Bolt from Jamaica.  I hand over the phone, and tell her it's fixed.  I bet she is wishing she didn't run into me in the parking lot, and let alone with her new boyfriend.

I left her with this:

"Nice tits, but a word of advice, let it grow out a little more though, it looks like you're a 12 year old."

And I walked away.  Leaving her blankly staring at her phone.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.    

Starting tomorrow we have some great guest bloggers filling in for me over the long weekend!

Stay tuned.


Vodka Logic said...

Funny, I take it you didn't know her.

"12 year old" lmao....

Have a nice thanksgiving

Will Burke said...

Glad you got to tell the tale, 'cause she sure won't! And I agree, at least leave a 'Racing Stripe.'

~Kenny said...

WTF didn't enable bluetooth on hre phone and suck all those down to your phone. I am ashamed to know you?

Mrs Bee said...

That's the funny side...
the unfunny side is I've had a guy with a "faulty memory card" ask me for help... turned out he just wanted me to see pictures of his small wiener.

*shakes fists at pervert customers*