Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog it Forward

When you start a blog you start writing for yourself.  You dance like no one is watching, if you will.

Then there comes a point when that whole thing transforms.  You make a few friends, you gain a few readers, and your blog which was coming straight from your heart is now a part of someone else's life.  Then your blog changes.  You start to have a voice in the world.  You become someone's center of influence.  You somehow are put in the position to help someone else, just with your ability to write.

This time of year is always tough and we often lose the meaning of these holidays on shopping and worrying about company.  We never stop and think about all the people out there who are having a tough time.

Yesterday I saw a post from a fellow Clevelander and blogger Chef's Widow.  She told us a story of a 35 year old mother who is in the ICU fighting for her life after having a stroke.  The woman's name was Anissa and her blog that she writes is called Aiming Low.

The Widow decided that she needs to take action.  So she organized a benefit at her restaurant on December 3rd.

I am going to do my best to make sure I am there, and if you are in town, I would love to see you there as well.  It's a good cause and The Widow's husband can sure cook!  

The Blogging community in Cleveland is already spreading the word as I have seen reposts on Cleveland Foodie and Cleveland's A Plum. If you are in Cleveland, please get the word out!

See you there!


Vodka Logic said...

If I was in Cleveland i would be glad to help. Is there anything those of us from afar can do.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

That is so cool! I love posts like this that help remind us of the bigger picture and true reality tha strangers can have compassion for other strangers!

Wish I lived closer, I would be there in a heart beat! :)

ashley said...

I saw this post over at "The Plum". (Is that what the cool kids call it? I dunno) I think it's so great that you (& others) are using your voice for a good cause. It always puts a smile on my face and restores a little of my faith in humanity. I hope one day my voice is strong enough to do the same.

PS. If I was in Cleveland, I would so be there! Is there any way us [uncool] non-clevelander's can help?

Sourire11 said...

I'm going to do my best to be there. I know her and her blog through mamapop and the whole thing is just sickening. i hope i can help out.

magda said...

How very very cool of you.