Friday, November 20, 2009

Gearing Up

You can sense it as you walk through the mall.


The new holiday help as just started, the veterans are walking the floor with a calm and cool demeanor as they silently look over the displays.  They fold clothes.  Answer questions.  Ring people out.  Handle the crowds.  You can tell who was green and who was not.  The greenhorns are freaking about the lines.  The vets know that this is just the beginning.  The storm surge before the hurricane. 

The vets have a blank stare that only many holiday shopping seasons can bring.  The greenhorns have that naivety and have no clue what is in store for them. 

This is all a part of the week leading up to Black Friday.  Training the new people while making sure everything is in place. 

Retail.  They aren't gonna know what recession is.  The month leading up to Christmas Eve is a marathon.  Days will start to run together, everyone starts to look the same, and you still have a sense of calm in the chaos around you.  The retail machine is a well oiled one.  Supply chains are secured.  Headcount is accounted for.  Computer systems are double checked to make sure the flow of cash doesn't stop. 

For a weekend, retail workers are going to forget that there is recession.

Today I could sense all of it as I walked the mall with the Wife to do Christmas shopping recon. 

I have gotten 2 of the 5 blogs to be posted during the Black Friday weekend.  I must say, they are fantastic, and I cannot wait to introduce you to the soon to be famous bloggers who are going to fill in. 

Stay tuned.


Just Jules said...

I don't miss retail.

Vodka Logic said...

Soon to be famous.. I cant wait.

And If I lived in Cleveland I would so go to your store just to bother you.

I bought a new computer the other day and there was no help around. I walked up to the Geek squad and in a loud voice and interupting other customers said "anyone want to sell me a computer" I got help...

And that is reason 32 why I dont work retail...people like me..

Will Burke said...

I feel like going into a tech store and giving all of the staff a hug! It seems that even the most homophobic ones would cling & weep.

Kelly Muys Wood said...

Ugh. This just reminded me that I have yet to complete any of my Christmas shopping. Actually, I have yet to START on any of it...


Adam said...
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