Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Breaking all the rules.

So I recently read a blog written by a friend of mine from High School.

I have never laughed out loud reading a blog before. I chuckle, smile, smirk, but I never have literally LOL'd. Go read it, it's pretty funny.

Now that you've read it, I am going to break every criteria that gets her to tune in to MY blog, IF she tunes in at all.

Today was the day. 2 months and 1 day ago Addison was born. Well now that we are 2 months in, it was time for shots.

*gets up on his soap box and all opinions and claims of fact are probably made up for my own purposes, and again, all opinions are my own, so if you're offended, go fuck yourself.*

If you do not get your children vaccinated, you're an idiot. Really. If you have watched Oprah and saw Jenny McCarthy sitting there spouting some junk bullshit science about how these things are not tested or safe for your child, and you thought it was all fact, again, you probably are drinking Evian [spell it backwards] water. Oprah is NOT a doctor. Jenny McCarthy is an actress. Just because they are on TV talking about bullshit and making claims that a vaccine caused her child's autism is complete and outright bullshit. The timing of the vaccine and the onset of autism is more than likely just a coincidence. Or less that 1% of all people vaccinated have an adverse reaction to the vaccine so the likely hood of that happening is slim.  Jenny McCarthy already used her 1% when she got her chance on MTV so it's unlikely she would have gotten lucky twice.

Did you know the CDC has a hot line that every doctor is tapped into to report any reactions to the vaccine. If it's systemic, they pull it, like they did with the roto virus vaccine 8 years ago.

Don't tell me that vaccinating my child is a bad idea. You're a retard if you don't vaccinate yours.

That being said. I talk a lot about vaccines and how safe they are and I am asked by customers, coworkers, and friends about the H1N1 vaccine. I tell them to get vaccinated if they think they are at risk of getting it, but I don't think, necessarily that the H1N1 vaccine is needed. I have known people who have had it [my wife had it back when it was just called Type A influenza] and they all said the same thing. It isn't as bad as the media is making it out to be. It makes you feel like shit for 5 days. As long as you got the Tamiflu, you'll feel better in no time.  Just as many people die from the regular flu as H1N1.

It's no coincidence that the media is hyping this version of the flu at the same time Congress is debating the biggest overhaul of our healthcare system.  Whether or not THAT is need will need to be saved for another blog.

Well today to prove to you that I believe the H1N1 vaccine is safe, my wife and I, together, got the H1N1 vaccine today. I am not going to say where, because they do not advertise that they have it because of the limited dosages, and we had to go through a questionnaire to make sure that we were in an 'at risk' category to get it. Just know I didn't get it from the dude at the street corner.  Check with your doctor.

So now that I am vaccinated, the Wifey is vaccinated, and Addison is vaccinated [not H1N1 just the regular 2 month shots.  advice to new parents, just get them all done at the same time, no need to make your baby feel like crap for 1 day 3 weeks in a row], I just need to get Audrey to the doctor to get hers.

Now, onto the 2nd half of the blog that is gonna break another rule of Meghan's rules of why she DOESN'T read your blog.

If you have followed my wife on Twitter, she has been down lately. She has been struggling with delicate balancing act of making sure we have money to pay bills, and trying to get her school schedule solidified, and over all being a mom that doesn't feel like she is contributing to the household. Nothing could have been further from the truth on that one.  My undies don't wash themselves, my dog can't feed himself, the baby can't change herself, and mom can't do it all by herself [although she tries really really hard to do it all].  Mommy also needs to make sure she is doing what SHE likes to do and not worrying about everyone else!  Hence the birthday present I gave her that she still hasn't done anything with. [again, another blog for another time]

That being said, I can understand the need to feel like you are contributing financially to the house, but what sucks about the whole thing, is that she can't go back to work full-time because we would have to put Addi in daycare and Audrey in after school care.

Because I make too much money to qualify for daycare assistance, so putting the baby in daycare would be a wash financially. All of Jenn's income would go to child care and with her final semesters of school coming up, that is nearly impossible to manage a full-time job, the baby, and her demanding school schedule.  We've went through her possible days had she had a full-time job and she would have to leave the house round 7:30am and not be home until 9:30pm [after school].  With my finicky work schedule, it would be hard at this time to manage.  When school is out of the way, it will be easier to manage.

This really reached a head this week when the Wifey had an especially hard day. So we she came up with a solution. My wife has got a talent that I do not possess. She can draw, paint, and create things digitally that I would never be able to come up with in my wildest dreams. Look at my blog header, logo, and the backstage pass she created for Audrey. Sure I came up with the ideas, but she can execute them.  She is amazing.

So enter the Wifey's latest adventure.

You see all the rich people doing it. You know, decorating their child's room with block letters on the wall that spells said child's name on the wall. The letter's are ungodly expensive; to get them personalized would require you to hire an interior designer and even then, you would have to compromise with the design, or because YOU lack the creativity or the ability to; customize those letters yourself, then you end up painting them white and calling it a minimalist design.

This is where my wife comes in. She will take what your room looks like, and create a theme on the letters around that. She will work with you to make sure they fit in and look terrific. She has been making these things for years and for the first time, she is about to go public with it, and open up her own 'business' for lack of a better word.

She is also planning on making custom jewelry [a la Just Jules] with my mother [who recently lost her job and has been making her own jewelry for herself and family for some time] and offering all of these things to you just in time for Christmas.

There is an official website coming soon, and possibly an Etsy [looking into the cost], and when it all goes live, I will let you know and enlist your support. 

Making something out of nothing is what her our plan is and I hope you can help her us.


Vodka Logic said...

I agree with the vaccines, very important... and Oprah spelled backwards is Harpo... and yes he was funny but not a scientist. She is fucking annoying.

Good luck with the wifes ideas, sounds great.

Julie said...

DUDE Etsy would be AMAZING!!! I'm so buying from her if she starts an Etsy shop! What kind of help do you guys need. You are more then welcome to enlist the assistance of me (not the husband) for pretty much anything you guys might need help with. Good luck JEN!

Kelly Muys Wood said...

you're wife sounds like a good lady. a good lady who needs to give herself a break!

i'll check out the new shop when it's up!


Will Burke said...

WHAT! All your LOL's were a lie? Well, sometimes my "LOL's" are just smirks & chuckles. Good luck with the business -- I'll be waiting for more news.

Nikki said...

I agree and disagree with this, don't hate me but its my opinion. I agree that vaccinations should be done, I disagree however that babies need it. All those shots for one itty bitty body at one time, just doesn't sound good to me. Not only that, but there are cases where if it had been put off a few years, the child would not have medical issues. I don't judge those who get it done, but I chose not to. We've waited until our son was 4 before we started his shots and plan to do the same with our daughter.

Still loving your blog, FWIW, but it was uncalled for to bash those who don't vaccinate. They are just as passionate about not doing it as you are to do it.

Loredana said...

OK a question on this H1N1 vaccine...was your wife pregnant when she got the swine flu? She obviously wasn't vaccinated then. I ask because it's something I'm struggling with lately on whether or not to do it. The media hypes so much up but then I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Just Jules said...

You know I am not getting the vaccine... and I did get the flu - but damn straight this is your blog and you can do what you want - just as it is your body and last time I checked (until I really read the health care reform) it is our body and we are allowed to all legal things to it - including immunizing and not. Our choice - Amen to that right.

I am proud you did what you felt right.

Congrats wifey (my favorite blog wifey by the way ;) on the new site. We can chat about Jewelry! drop me a line.