Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ok, Ok, Ok

Remember yesterday when I said I was over at Just Jules? Yeah, I lied, it's today. But if you have your RSS feeds tuned in, you are sure NOT to miss it!

Go over, check out Jules' site. She just got back from Vegas and she is dead dead tired. Let's just hope she didn't get any tattoos she doesn't know about [a la Dude, Where's My Car?]

Ok, what are you still here for, get the hell outta here and over to Just Jules.


Will Burke said...

Just came from there, and commented. I've also finally listened to the newest TQ Podcast -Damn funny shit! "...what would they tell his family?"

Just Jules said...

Why aren't you all reading this ? It is good. I cried -I did. Shhh will did too....

As far as a tattoo...ummm maybe so maybe so - some things do follow you home from Vegas after all.