Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Weekend Approaches

This week is the 4th of July week. In Cleveland that means hosts of carnivals, fireworks displays, and other completely random types of activities. So what is on the agenda.

Unfortunately I cannot attend the opening of the new Bar Symon today. Work gets in the way of a night life all too often. But I am sure it will open to a packed house and rave reviews. I got up early this morning to read up on some of my favorite blogs, and since posting my blog yesterday, I met some very cool people who share my affinity to Cleveland. Check my profile to see some new ones on there. They are all definately worth the read!

I am also excited to see one of my favorite bands on Friday night at the Beachland Ballroom. The Ohio Sky will be rocking it, and it will offer an opportunity to talk to the band 1-on-1 to get a solid date in the books for an appearance on the Podcast. I hopefully will be able to book a few more musical guests as well. On my wish list is a Columbus, Ohio band called Philo, an acoustic band from Florida coming through Cleveland today called Boyce Avenue, Carrie Sample from the Papyrus Records Record 'Portable Words vol 1', a local metal band Morality Check, Zach Watt also from Papyrus Records, a new band to Cleveland Vendetta Point, and The Doctor Teeeth.

Its a large wish list, and if I could land even 3 of these bands, I would be happy. If I land all of them, it would be awesome, but very unlikely considering Boyce Avenue is in town today and leaving tomorrow and they have yet to return any of my phone calls. I also have a HUGE interview planned, but with whom will have to wait until it gets closer.