Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let the new Season Begin!

Well, after a ton of work, and very stressful moments, Season 2 of the Throwing Podcast is now upon us.

As you can see, some things have changed on the blog. The look has been updated thanks to my lovely wife and her amazing skills of taking my vision and making it a reality. I couldn't have asked for a better logo and header images. Please leave some comments so she knows she is totally awesome!

Next, we have a packed show. We have 3 different bands on the show today.

The first artist is Adam Taylor. I blogged about him not too long ago, and now you can hear his music. The title of the track is called 'Painting the Leprosy (Untitled)'. Folk-pop has made a resurgence, and he is one of the fresh new voices.

The second artist Auralis. A band from right here in Cleveland, Ohio, I first heard about them through Allan Fee's Twitter page when he tweeted about this band at a private party he attended. I heard their first track and was shocked that I haven't heard of them before. They have a great sound!

The last artist is Ryan Humbert from Canton, Ohio. My guest mentioned this guy on during our over the phone interview, and once I started listening, I had to put him on the show!

Now, onto the special guest.

Her name is Alexa and she writes a blog called, Cleveland's a Plum. She writes about Cleveland and she has got to be one of the most fun people to talk to. Full of energy [and Uzzo, she's Greek] we called her and we let the insanity ensue. She is tapped into the Cleveland food scene and also the social scene here in Cleveland, and I was so glad we were able to get her on the show. Check out her blog, and I do suggest to make regualr visits to her blog, because it's funny, fresh, and fun.

This podcast has become a labor love, and I hope you enjoy.

Mobile readers can click here to get it on their Blackberry's or download the stitcher application for your Blackberry or iPhone here and search their podcasts for 'Throwing Quarters' and you can get it there.

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Julie said...

OK for real I can't get your pod cast on Sticher my black berry doesn't support that program. :-( *pout* and I already sent Jen a message that the new logo is awesome but seriously that logo kick ass.

Lemmonex said...

Love Alexa and her hot voice. She knows a ton about Cleveland and I actually really hope to get there one day because of her.

~K said...

Drinking a glass of wine and downloading the podcast now
love the new logo

Andhari said...

Oooh way to feature Alexa! She's one of my favorite bloggers :)

Anonymous said...

Great choice picking Alexa to chat with.

Anonymous said...