Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jesus sat next to me at the Black Jack Tables

There is nothing like watching the Catholic Religion contradict itself. The Catholic Church forbids the support of gay people, and as a result are boycotting [not sure about all of you, but because I know a Catholic that does, I'm pigeonholing you] Disney world. I couldn't tell you how many times I saw the Catholic Church outside of the Casino's in St. Louis when I lived there telling the patrons that they needed to "repel the grip of Satan" by leaving the Casino and going to church. [click on the photos to make them full size]

Last night I saw all of those policies take a backseat to a good ole, Catholic time. Remember, principals don't put food on the table.

We attended the St. Agnes Catholic Picnic. It's a public picnic held on the grounds of St. Agnes Catholic Church in support of the parish. It's located near Bellermine University in Louisville, KY. There is nothing like an outdoor picnic rich in gambling games, carnival rides, and sipping the Picnic Holy Water [Budwieser] to get your heart going.

I had never been to one of these picnics, but Wifey has been attending these outings since she was Audrey's age, so of course, she had been prepping Audrey for about a month. Audrey saved her dimes so when she got there, she could win something.

Once we got into the gambling spirit [I guess that is when the Holy Spirit dips into the bank account] Jenn started plunking dimes down on the table for a cake. Nothing like gambling to win a cake. After going through about $3.50 of dimes on numbers 25, 38, 59, 79 [they were in a line on the table] the wheel stopped on 79. We won a cake. Yay! There is nothing like baked goods to get me to gamble away some dimes.

We watched Audrey ride the carnival rides for a bit and it was time to go. We through the rest of our dimes down on the cake booth, again. We won another cake. I mean Rainman wasn't this good with the wheel! Audrey had to blow the rest of her dimes as well. She put them down on numbers 25 and 26. Wouldn't you know it, she won too! We need to take this gal to Vegas!

This trip to Louisville has been delightfully eventful. Regardless of what the Catholic Church stands for, they still know how to throw one hell of a picnic. 2 cakes and the carnie smell later, it was time for bed.

After the cake of course.


Julie said...

the cake looks awfully good!

~K said...

Oh those Crazy Catholics when they aren't out sprinkling water on everything and dippin into the communion wine they can throw a good time!

Maxie said...

My g-ma is catholic and her church used to have this auction/gambling night that was so much fun, until people protested.

So sad.

For me of course, because I'm not catholic and don't believe in "sin" or anything.

lola said...

Wow. Catholics really do contradict themselves. Is gambling and drinking only okay if it's at a church event? :) Oh well, I guess everybody contradicts themselves sometimes.

gooddell said...

great post

rxBambi said...

Ok, think the tune of "She'll be Comin Around the Mountian" --

There are no Episcopalians in hell
There are no Episcopalians in hell
They will all be up above
Drinking wine and making love
There are no Episcopalians in hell!

HA! I grew up catholic, now I'm a recovering catholic. Not really episcopal either but...

Anyway, can't take credit for the song, learned it from a 90+ year old man that was singing it at the Missouri Athletic Club (in STL!)