Monday, May 25, 2009

PodCast #6 is upon us.

Well I must say it feels good to be back behind the microphone after a great few weeks off.

Ton of great stuff happened on vacation. I got a little bit of it recorded and ready for playback.

Highlights of this PodCast:

1. Opening tune is from a Cleveland Band called This Is A Shakedown from their new album which was just released.

2. Visited the my brother Keith in Chicago and he brought some friends from Improv Olympic on to do a Bat. They are a hilarious cast of characters and they are:
Liz Bell
Lindsay Lewin
Erin Williamson
Tabitha Parker
Drew Leffelman
Kristen Parise
Ryan McGillen
Tom McNeill
Andy Pereira
Keith Gercak
Michael Barin

To learn what Improv Olympic [iO] is, check it out here.


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1 comment:

Just Jules said...

"Life is less painless for the brainless" hilarious line in that song....thank you.