Sunday, May 10, 2009


...Mother's Day,Sunday, Early Morning.

I am sitting in my chair. The sun coming from the sliding glass door is refreshing. The cloud from my head is starting to lift, and I am now, awake.

The clock on the new BlackBerry read 6:30am when I initially cracked my eyelids, allowing enough light it to fill my corneas and allow my brain to render an image. It was early. Way too early to be awake on a Sunday. I closed my eyes and tried to find that place. That place you go to in order to find the Sandman. My mother to be was huddled up close to me. The window was cracked open and the temperature dipped last night, so it left a certain chill in the air. With every breath she took, in and out, I tried to mimic. I tried to find the place she was now, so I could join her in refreshing sleep. It was not happening. I could not quiet my mind. Something I can do easily, but now, I am unable.

The groan from the foot of the bed denoted that the dog was now awake. He could probably sense the restlessness in my breathing. The frustration of not being able to sleep. Or the anger of waking up too early. Either way, he was awake too.

I rolled out of bed and downstairs. The dog was put out, fed, and he curled up on the couch and fell back to sleep. Even this was too early for him. Jealousy isn't the word. But it's close.

After been totally geeked out on new operating systems, and 3rd party apps for my new BlackBerry, it felt time to relax. So I did what everyone should do. I went through my RSS feeds and read every blog I subscribe to. Weather they posted recently or not. I just clicked on each blog and read the last post they did. Some of my favorite bloggers posted some recent stuff. Richie @ Linecook, Julie @ Tangobaby, Jules @ Just Jules. I commented on all of them, and back to reading I went.

After reading a few more I got to thinking. This time next year I will have an 8 year old running around the house, and also an 8 month old crawling around the house. I will be equally as tired as I am now, because I will be up with the kids while the mother of the house will be still sleeping and enjoying her day off. I guess this is me conditioning myself for the future.

So here I sit, an early morning on a Mother's day, wishing all the mothers who may read my blog, a happy Mother's day. I hope it's filled with excitment and joy as your children celebrate you all that you do for them.

My mother-to-be is goingto spend her day working, as am I. Retail and restaurants are not the career choices to have if you want to have your weekend unspoiled.

**update. I just noticed that I went from having 18 followers to 17. Today is shaping up to be fun already.**


tangobaby said...

A very happy Mother's Day to your mom, who raised a wonderful son, and your wife, who's certainly earned this day to celebrate.


Julie said...

Huh?? that's strange, I wonder who dropped? OK Adam who did you piss off now??