Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here's the plan

Well well well. I am drawing near to the week off I so desperately need. I have been running myself into the ground for the last 2 months. My last real time off was a year ago when I went on my honeymoon. Now I have had a few long weekends, but for the last year I have worked 5 days, then 2 days off. The monotony is getting to be, although I love my job, the grind is, well, grinding me. I need some time off to recharge the batteries, get back to neutral, then attack my career goals head on again.

Since taking a step back, I have realized that I need some time to regroup. I have accepted responsibility for my wrong doings in my previous role with my company, but I just need some time to regroup now.

The first year of marriage number 2 has been filled with very great moments, and I cannot wait for the years to come, but this has also been a very very stressful year. With trying to purchase our house, to getting some serious debt paid off, we have been on the knife's edge for sometime. We could fall on either side of the coin, riches, or broke. The rest of the year is going to managing our stress levels.

We have good reason to manage this. We have a new child coming and I am very excited for this as is the Wife, but we have so much to decide on. We signed another year in our condo, and I think the Wife has made the decision to move into a house at the end of this lease. Whether we purchase or rent, we need a house. Until then, we have to re-organize our home to make living here more manageable. I am smelling a yard sale, or a mass exodus of crap from our house.

As I am sitting here, griping about the stresses of my job, and the inconvenience of having too much stuff, I think of Mama K and wish there was some way I could make her problems go away.

This leads me into my next project for the vacation. I am going to be traveling to Chicago to visit my brother. His improv team, Legitimate Beef, has agreed to make an appearance on the PodCast. I can only imagine the hilarity that might ensue. It'll be improv so I have no idea what will happen. For part 2 of the vacation, I am going to be coming home. I have reached out to the Ohio Sky to make an appearance, but I also have a back-up band from Cleveland called Doctor Teeeth who has agreed to do whatever and when ever. They rock. Then I am also working to get TangoBaby on the show as well to talk about what she is doing out in San Fransisco with Mama K. She is an unsung hero and I can't wait to talk to her.

I have a busy week planned and I apologize, but it will be a little bit before I can post another PodCast. I know there is only like 3 of you who actually listen to all of them. Sit tight. There are great things to come. I just have to make it through a few more days.


Julie said...

the Hilarity that "might" ensue?? are you serious? if your bother is involved hilarity will ensue, and I am sure of that.

And how did you track down Doctor Teeeth?? We know them. I mean I knew one of them at one point. Dave Horton, Carrie was acutally the one to tell me that he was in a band. That's really cool.

When do you take off for Chicago?

Julie said...

OK so I'm not an idiot thinking "god what the hell how is it they can just "take" land cause their using their "government powers"? I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks all of that is garbage and crazy.